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Numer: 16610
Dział: Języki obce

Parts of the body - konspekt zajęć z j. angielskiego

Subject: Parts of the body
- to teach new vocabulary
- to create a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the classroom
Materials: recording ,,The Animals”, Youtube -Kids English by Pumkin - 6 Adjectives & Animals Grammar, part of the body, worksheets with part of the body, worksheets - description of the monster, web site - www.eslgamesworld.com
I. Warm up
Time 10
Revision ,,can”
The students sit in a circle. One of them is sent out of the classroom, and one chair is taken out of the circle. The teacher tells the student name of an animal- for example a dog. The student who was sent outside is called to come in. They have three questions to guess the name of animal. If they say:,, Is it a dog” , all students have to stand up and quickly find another chair. The one left without a chair goes out of the classroom. If they do not guess the third time they say ,,animals’’ and everybody has to change chair.
Listening task
Students listen to recordings. They repeat vocabulary through singing also perform the activities and join in. They mimic animals for example they walk around like lion.

II. Presentation
Time 6
Pronunciation task
In this task student use the Youtube -Kids English by Pumkin - 6 Adjectives & Animals Grammar. They repeat body parts of some animals by watching a movie.
Listening task
Students get worksheets with a dog and a bird and their parts of the body. Students learn the new vocabulary by listening and pointing parts of the body.
III. Practice
Time 25
Writing task
Students use learned vocabulary in practice by completing the sentences. Students have to write the missing word. They may use materials from the previous task
Students work in groups of five. One representative from each group chooses the card with parts of the body and then he must present it to the rest of his group. Each group must choose a leader. The key word must be presented by using gestures, body (by using as many facial expressions, gestures, actions as possible) to his/her group. The group has only 10 seconds to guess the word. The group that will guess the words in the shortest time, after summing up timing gets +)
Speaking task - Find the whole body
Each student gets two cards with different parts of animal's body.
Eg. Lion's head and giraffe's tail.
He / She is supposed to find other parts of this animal so that it'll be completed. Students talk to each other and changes their cards. The winner is that student who completes whole animal's body first.
Eg - I've got a lion's tail. Have you got a lion's body?
I need lion's legs. Have you got it ?
Who's got tiger's head?
Memory game
In this task student use the web site - www.eslgamesworld.com. They have to click on the levels icon on the screen and choose Body Parts Memory Game. They need to remember where the cards with parts of the body that they discovered are. The task is to match parts of the body with an appropriate description.

III. Ending the lesson
Time 4
The teacher gives students a description of the monster and asks them to draw it. In this way students repeat new words. They also develop imagination by creating their own monster.

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