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Numer: 16611
Dział: Języki obce

Have you got a pet? - konspekt zajęć z j. angielskiego

Lesson 4
Subject: Have you got a pet?

- to practice the newly acquired vocabulary in various contexts

I. Warm up
Time 5
Review the song
Students listen to recordings. They repeat vocabulary through singing also perform the activities and join in. They mimic animals for example they walk around like lion.
Teacher introduce owner of the zoo and explains to children that guest tells them what animals there are in the zoo.

I. Presentation
Time 10
The owner shows some photo with animals who live in the zoo. Then presents his friend from the zoo-parrot. The children are delighted and trying to talk to the parrot.

III. Practice
Time 20
Game – speaking task
The teacher divides the class into groups of a maximum of six students.
Teacher asks students to write the name of the pupils in their group down the left hand side of the chart. Ss have to find out which pets the member of their group have by asking and answering the question. Have you got a pet? They should talk around the class and put a tick (or more than one tick for more than one animal) in the appropriate boxes and a cross to indicate no pets.
When students have asked all the members of their group, they should compare their charts with another group.SS can make class poster showing the results of their pet survey. Different groups could present the information in different way (as a pie chart, as a graph)
Writing task
In this task students have to write short sentences about their pets to learn vocabulary.

III Ending the lesson
Time 10
Evaluation questionnaire
Students receive an evaluation questionnaire. The task is to write what they think about the project. Students must evaluate the project.
There are many Internet websites with information about animals.
Add your own favourite sites to this list.

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