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Numer: 7082
Dział: Języki obce

Cinderella - scenariusz

Klasy IV-VI

01 “Dream on, Cinderella”
Students sing the song “Dream on, Cinderella”


02 background music

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom there was a gentle and lovely girl named Cinderella. She lived with her cruel stepmother and two ugly stepsisters. They were jealous of Cinderella’s goodness and beauty and made her work night and day. The mice and the birds were Cinderella’s only friends.
Stepmother: Cinderella, bring me cake!
Stepsister 1: Cinderella, clean my bedroom!
Stepsister 2: Cinderella, bring more tea!
Narrator: From morning till night she cleaned, cooked and washed.
Cinderella:Oh, this is terrible. All I do is clean, clean and clean!

03 “Sing sweet nightingale”
The stepmother, stepsisters and later Cinderella sing the song

04 background music
Narrator: One day, an invitation arrived from the King.
Drummer: Come to the ball! To the castle! This night, at eight o’clock! Wear beautiful clothes! Every maiden is to attend!

05 background music
Narrator: Cinderella was very excited.
Cinderella: That means I can go too!
Narrator: Her stepsisters just laughed.
Cinderella: But it was said that every maiden was to attend.
Stepmother: Very well, Cinderella, you can go – after you finish all your chores. Now, wash this slip for me.
Stepsister 1: Bring my dress.
Stepsister 2: Where’s my sash?
Stepsister 2: Curl my hair.
Stepsister 1: Clean my shoes. Oh, and find my fan.
Narrator: They kept Cinderella busy all day long. Then it was time to leave.
Stepsister 1: Well, Cinderella, it’s time to go.
Stepsister 2: You’re not even dressed for the ball.
Cinderella: I didn’t have time to dress.
Narrator: But the wicked stepsisters just laughed and left for the ball.

06 “The chance of a lifetime”
The stepmother and stepsisters sing the song and leave for the ball, then Cinderella sings her part.
07 background music bibbidi
Narrator: Cinderella tried not to cry.
Cinderella: Oh, well. What’s a royal ball? I suppose it would be frightfully dull and, and ... completely wonderful. I thought, some day, my dreams would come true. Now, I’ll never go to the royal ball.
Fairy Godmother: Yes, you will, child, but we must hurry.
Narrator: Cinderella looked up, and there stood her fairy godmother. Then she waved her magic wand and sang these magic words.

The fairy godmother sings the song and goes around the stage waving the magic wand, the rest of the students sing along with her.
In the meantime Cinderella puts on the ball gown behind the curtains.

Fairy Godmother: Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.
Narrator: And there stood Cinderella in the loveliest gown she had ever seen. On her tiny feet were delicate glass slippers. Cinderella was delighted.
Cinderella: Oh, fairy godmother – it’s like a dream came true.
Fairy Godmother: Yes, child, but like all dreams it can’t last forever. On the stroke of midnight, the spell will be broken and everything will be as it was before.
Cinderella: I’ll remember. It’s more than I ever hoped for!
Fairy Godmother: Bless you, my child. Now hurry up. It’s getting late.


08 At the ball

Narrator: The ballroom was magnificent. Every lady in the land was dressed in her finest gown.

Cinderella appears

Narrator: But Cinderella was the loveliest of them all.
Stepsister 1: Who is she?
Stepsister 1: Who is that beautiful girl?

The prince comes to Cinderella and asks her to dance with him.

Narrator: When the Prince saw the charming Cinderella, he fell in love instantly.
Queen: You see, Your Majesty, the Prince has danced with that girl all evening.
King: It looks like he’s found the girl he wants to marry.
Narrator: All at once, the tower clock began to strike midnight.
Cinderella: Oh, I almost forgot.
Narrator: And without another word, away she ran, out of the ballroom and down the palace stairs.
On the way she lost one of the glass slippers, but she couldn’t stop to get it. It was too late. It was after 12 o’clock.

From behind the curtains.

Cinderella: Oh, no. Where are my beautiful dress and shoes!
Narrator: The Prince was very sad.
Prince: Oh, no, where is she? But ... what’s that? Ah, her beautiful shoe. Now I will find her.

09 “Where have you been”
The prince and Cinderella sing the song together in front of the curtains.
In the meantime the decoration is changed again.


10 background music
Narrator: The next morning, the whole kingdom was wondering who the mysterious girl was. The only clue was the lost slipper. The Prince carried the glass shoe from house to house looking for its owner, for the Prince had said he would marry no one but the girl who could wear the tiny slipper. Every girl in the land tried hard to put the slipper on. The ugly stepsisters tried hardest of all! But it was no use. Not a single girl could fit her foot into the glass shoe. The shoe was too big or too small. And where was Cinderella? Suddenly she came from the kitchen.
Cinderella: May I try the slipper on?
Prince: Of course. Every girl must have a chance. Please sit down.
Narrator: He slid the glass shoe onto Cinderella’s foot and it fit perfectly.
Prince: Yes! The shoe is YOURS. YOU are the girl I met at the ball. Will you marry me?
Cinderella: Yes, I will.
Narrator: Cinderella’s dream had come true. No longer would she slave for her cruel stepmother and her foolish stepsisters. The Prince and Cinderella soon got married and they were very, very happy. And the ugly sisters? What do YOU think?

11 “Dream on, Cinderella”
The students finish their performance singing the song. All of them come to the front of the stage
holding prepared earlier sheets of paper with their names and the role they played on them.

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