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Numer: 35874
Dział: Języki obce

Carnival - scenariusz zajęć z języka angielskiego w grupie dzieci 5- 6 letnich

CLASS: 5/6 years TOPIC: Carnival
AIMS: to introduce vocabulary connected with carnival (mask, balloons, costume, dance),
to revise name of colours, to practise listening
SKILLS/AREAS: listening, speaking, vocabulary
RESOURCES: CD player, flashcard, magic sack, colourful circles, worksheet, crayons, songs: „Let's go to England”, „Let's go to Poland” - from „English with Little Ant”, „If you're happy...” - from Nursery Rhymes You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKd58Nfr-dM

1. „Let's go to England” - greetings; T gives SS red buses (pictures). T and SS go around the circle and sing the song, next they put off the buses under the map of England. Teacher asks children to sit in the circle.

2. Every child comes and brings out one colorful circle, T asks what colour is it? She asks S to find something else in this colour.

3. T presents flashcards with mask, balloons, costume and dance, she repeats every word with SS, next she introduces new word and comes back to the first.

T asks SS to stand up and uses new word in the sentence and showes it (put on the mask, blow up a balloon, wear a costume, show me your dance) and repeats them with SS.

T doesn't show but only says, first she keeps to the order that sentences were presented, next in jumbled order. SS show what they hear.

4. Teacher gets students’ attention. She starts sing the song
„If you're happy...” and gestures. SS sing and mimic T.

5. SS sit in their tables. T distributes worksheets to SS (in the pictures are dancing couple, mask, Batman's costume, balloons). SS have to take correct colored pencil and to crayon correct picture. T instructs in English.

6. T asks to make a circle and sings goodbye song „Let's go to Poland”. SS take their buses and sing the song.

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