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Numer: 34926
Dział: Języki obce

Słuchanie piosenki "Magnify" zespołu We Are Messengers - scenariusz lekcji j.angielski

7 - 8 klasa/szkoła średnia
Temat lekcji: Słuchanie piosenki „Magnify” zespołu We Are Messengers.
Cele ogólne:
• Umiejętność słuchania ze zrozumieniem ogólnych treści piosenki.
• Utrwalenie czasu Present Perfect i Present Simple.
• Utrwalenie poznanego słownictwa i przyswojenie nowego.
Cele operacyjne:
• Uczeń potrafi wstawić brakujące wyrazy w usłyszanej piosence.
• Uczeń potrafi odpowiedzieć na pytania w czasie Present Simple.
• Uczeń potrafi użyć czas Present Perfect.
Cele wychowawcze:
• Rozwijanie w sobie dociekliwości poznawczej ukierunkowanej na poszukiwanie dobra, prawdy i piękna w świecie.

• Praktyczna: metoda przewodniego tekstu piosenki.
• Komunikacyjna.

• Technika pytań ukierunkowujących na słuchanie piosenki.

• Technika głównej myśli (skimming)
• Technika wyrazów szczegółowych – słuchanie selektywne (scanning)

• ...technika pytań do wysłuchanej piosenki.
• ...technika czytania ze zrozumieniem – komentarze do piosenki.
• Cała klasa.
• Indywidualna.
• W parach.

• Tekst piosenki.
• Słownictwo pomocnicze i zadania – ksero.
• Internet: You Tube – piosenka
• Zeszyt ucznia
• Tablica, przybory do pisania.

Czas trwania: 45 minut

• Sprawdzenie uczniom pracy domowej.
• Uświadomienie uczniom celów lekcji.

• Wykonanie ćwiczeń pod kontrolą nauczyciela.
• Samodzielne wykonywanie zadań.
• Zadanie pracy domowej.

Przebieg lekcji


PRE – LISTENING (7’) Przed wysłuchaniem piosenki

Task 1. Questions focusing on the topic of the lesson.
1. Do you like listening to music?
2. How often do you listen to music?
3. Where do you usually listen to music?
4. Do you listen to music on You Tube?

Task 2. Now you will hear the song (3’-10’)
Just tell me what this song will be about. How do you think? Guess?
a. sport b. family c. love d. work e. life

WHILE – LISTENING (5-15’) W czasie słuchania
CD1 – listening about general meaning, for a gist. (ogólne znaczenie, sense)
Try to catch some words. Write them down.

AFTER- FIRST LISTENING (Po pierwszym wysłuchaniu)

Task 3. Questions (5’-20’)
1. So what is the song about? Have you written some words down in your notebook?
2. Is the song happy, sad, giving hope, destroy your mood, (nastrój)
3. What colour you would paint this song?

CD2 - Task 4. Listen again and complete the songs with the 7 words.
Eyes, let, worries, away, glimpse, stronger, more.

Meaning -znaczenie
1. To Let – pozwolić.
2. Worries – smutki, zmartwienia.
3. A glimpse – spojrzenie

AFTER- SECOND LISTENING (Po drugim wysłuchaniu)

Task 5. What do the words in bold mean?
Czy możecie się domyślać co oznaczają słowa czy zwroty wytłuszczone?

God be greater than the __________ (5) in my life
Be ____________ (6) than the weakness in my mind

Task 6. Try to find phrases with Present Perfect Tense. [Wyszukajcie zwrotów z czasem Present Perfect]. How many can you find? (5’ – 35’)

- I've been trying... – próbowałem...
- I've only scratched... – ja tylko drasnąłem
- I've barely had.. – ledwo miałem...

Task 7. Translate one sentence correctly (one pair – one sentence, separate paper) (5’-40’)

EXTRA TASK. Five words at the beginning of the song. What do they mean? (znaczenie?)
How do you think? They are fruit of what?
1. Lust – żądza,
2. Anger – gniew,
3. Fear – strach
4. Lies – kłamstwa
5. Pain - ból


Przeczytać biografię piosenkarza We are Messengers.
• W tekście znaleźć i przepisać zdania, które mówią czy jego była dziewczyna przyjęła go z powrotem czy odtrąciła na zawsze. (dst)
• Przetłumaczyć dwa z trzech wpisów/komentarzy (db-bdb)
- Couldn't agree more! This song is my Jam! a reminder of how much perspective matters. "Open up my eyes."
-Justificable because If you bless God he loves you he trust you
-I can't choose a favorite song on the album. I LOVE all of them but most of all I love your heart! Keep on spreading the Word....

• napisać dlaczego taki tytuł piosenki i co on oznacza. (bdb - cel)

Song “Magnify” - We Are Messengers

I've been trying to make sense of the sorrow that I feel
Holding on for life to the only thing that's real
I've only scratched the surface
I've barely had a taste
But just a __________(1) draws my heart to change
And one sight of you lays my sin to waste
I don't need to see everything
Just ____________ (2) of you
Take it all take it all ____________(3)
Magnify no other name
Open up open up my ____________(4)
To you (2X)
My sight is incomplete and I made you look small
I've been staring at my problems for way too long
Realign where my hope is set
Until you're all that's left
But just a ________ (1) draws my heart to change
And one sight of you lays my sin to waste
I don't need to see everything
Just ______ (2) of you
Take it all take it all _________ (3)
Magnify no other name
Open up open up my ___________ (4)
To you (2X)
God be greater than the __________ (5) in my life
Be ____________ (6) than the weakness in my mind
Be louder _________ (7) your glory come alive
Be magnified (2X)
Be magnified
Take it all take it all __________(3)
Magnify no other name
Open up open up my _________(4)
To you
Open up my eyes

Biography: Darren Mulligan

Darren Mulligan left his native Ireland in 2003 to chase a life built on selfish ambition, temporary pleasure and fleeting fame. God had other plans for him. Now leaving Ireland a second time, the man he is today stands in stark contrast to his sordid and troubled past. Darren’s personal testimony and the music of We Are Messengers are a beacon of hope for all....( )
...When he was 19, a chance encounter on an Irish street introduced Darren to his future wife, Heidi, who was just 17 at the time. The two quickly fell in love and were inseparable for the next few years. However, Darren soon abandoned Heidi in favor of a rock star lifestyle in America, chasing money and fame. As a guitarist for a heavy rock band, Mulligan toured the country while his life spiraled out of control.
It was during this time that he received a phone call from Heidi, who told him she had become a Christian. “I hated the thought of her being happy; because she sounded happy, while I was miserable, ”Mulligan remembers. Shortly thereafter, he decided to leave the band, move back to Ireland and ask her to marry him. Despite the fact that he had no job, no education and no prospects, Heidi said, “yes,” and unbeknownst to Mulligan, she began praying daily for her future husband’s salvation.
Three weeks before their wedding, at a time when he was an avowed athiest, Mulligan had a life-altering experience in church. “I felt so wretched, so dirty. I could feel my skin crawling. God seemed so real that night. He seemed so holy. There was this huge chasm between Him and me. I could feel it—this crushing weight of guilt and conviction—so I gave my life to the Lord that night,” he explains, adding, “It took me a few months of reading the Bible to really understand what I had done and what that meant. I fell in love with God over that period and gradually learned to see myself as He sees me - clean, a son of the king.”
Determined to live a different way, Mulligan resolved to never play music again and sold all of his guitars. He took a job managing privately-owned, government-funded homes for children with disabilities and attended church with Heidi regularly.

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