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Numer: 34924
Dział: Języki obce

Republika Irlandii i Irlandia Północna - test o krajach anglojęzycznych

Wybierz jedną najlepiej pasującą odpowiedź: a, b lub c i przepisz ją do arkusza odpowiedzi.

1. The population of the Republic of Ireland is about:
a) 3 million
b) 2 million
c) 4,6 million

2. Ireland is often called:
a) The Island of Beauty
b) The Emerald Island
c) The Island of Giants

3. What is the most popular beer in Ireland?
a) Guinness
b) Fuller’s
c) Bass

4. The national emblem of Ireland is:
a) an eagle
b) a harp
c) a lion

5. The Republic of Ireland is also known as:
a) Ulster
b) Derry
c) Eire

6. Northern Ireland is part of:
a) The United Kingdom
b) The USA
c) France

7. St. Patrick was born around:
a) 590 AD
b) 390 AD
c) 690 AD

8. When do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
a) 17th April
b) 17th March
c) 26th July

9. What is the name of Celtic priests from ancient Ireland?
a) Druids
b) Leprechuns
c) Claddaghs

10. In 1800s Ireland suffered a huge famine of:
a) tomato
b) rice
c) potato

11. A War of Independence was from:
a) 1919 to 1920
b) 1919 to 1921
c) 1919 to 1923

12. Hurling is:
a) a sport
b) an instrument
c) a dance

13. One of the most popular Irish bands is:
a) U2
b) the Beatles
c) The Rolling Stones

14. University of Dublin is also known as:
a) St. Patrick’s College
b) Trinity College
c) King’s College

15. Who wrote “The picture of Dorian Gray”?
a) Oscar Wilde
b) Samuel Beckett
c) Jonathan Swift

16. What is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland?
a) Dublin
b) Belfast
c) Edinburgh

17. What is the symbol of Ireland?
a) the dragon
b) the shamrock
c) the leek

18. What are the colours of the Republic of Ireland’s flag?
a) blue, red and white
b) white, green and yellow
c) orange, white and green

19. What is Trinity College?
a) a university
b) a cathedral
c) a religious monument

20. Which river flows through Dublin?
a) the River Shannon
b) the River Liffey
c) the River Blackwater

21. The national anthem of the Republic of Ireland is called:
a) God save the Queen
b) A Soldier’s song
c) Old Land of my Fathers

22. Which year the Republic of Ireland became independent?
c) 1989

23. What is the name of the highest mountain in Northern Ireland?
a) Carrauntoohil
b) Slieve Donard
c) Ben Nevis

24. Who is the president of Ireland?
a) Theresa May
b) Michael D. Higgins
c) Donald Trump

25.The longest river in Ireland is called:
a) the River Shannon
b) the River Slaney
c) the River Liffey

26. The currency in Northern Ireland is:
a) euro
b) pound sterling
c) dollar

27. Which ocean is to the west of Ireland?
a) Atlantic
b) Pacific
c) Indian

28.What is the term of Ireland’s President?
a) four years
b) seven years
c) five years

29.Which is the first official language of Ireland?
a) English
b) Irish
c) Latin

30.When did Ireland join the European Economic Union?
a) 1949
b) 1952
c) 1973

31.What are the international registration letters for Ireland?
a) RIL
b) IRL
c) ILR

32.What are drumlins?
a) musical instrument
b) dish
c) hills

33. The Titanic was built in which Irish city?
a) Belfast
b) Dublin
c) Galway

34. How long was the Irish War of Independence (aka the Anglo-Irish War)?
a) 1 year
b) 5 years
c) 3 years

35. You’re testing out your Irish slang and suddenly say “We had a bit of gas that day". What are you saying?
a) had fun that day
b) had rain that day
c) had money that day

36.What colour was originally associated with Saint Patrick?
a) white
b) green
c) blue

37. What meat ingredient goes into Irish Stew?
a) beef
b) pork
c) lamb

38. Who was the first High King of Ireland?
a) King Arthur
b) Henry VIII
c) Brian Boru

39. The largest park in Dublin is called:
a) the Phoenix Park
b) St Anne’s Park
c) Hyde Park

40. Dublin got its name from ,,Dubh linn” which means:
a) dark lake
b) dark pool
c) dark sea

41. The famous Irish stone ( which has got special powers and makes you become brilliant when you kiss it) is called:
a) Ayers rock
b) Blarney Stone
c) Stonehenge

42. Which famous Irish actor played James Bond?
a) Sean Connery
b) Pierce Brosnan
c) Roger Moore

43. The name of the holiday which originally comes from a Gaelic festival ,, Samhain”?
a) Halloween
b) Thanksgiving Day
c) Guy Fawkes Night

44. What does prefix O’ mean before a surname?
a) son
b) daughter
c) father

45. Who was Annie Moore?
a) the first Irish actress
b) the first Irish immigrant to the USA to pass through federal inspection at the Ellis Island
c) the first Irish female president

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