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Cinderella - Kopciuszek

Narrator: This is the story of Cinderella. She is a beautiful young girl. Her mother is dead but her father Lord Basil has a second wife now. Her name is Sybil. She is Cinderella’s stepmother. She is a horrible woman. She has two daughters FAT PAT and THIN LIZ. They are horrible and lazy. They live in the same house.
It’s Saturday morning, let’s have a look what’s going on.....
Sybil: Cinderella! What are you doing? You are not working!......... Work girl work! Make the breakfast! Bring me my tea!
Cinderella: yes stepmother! I’m going!
Sybil: oh look! My daughters are coming.
Pat: good morning Mummy
Sybil: Good morning my child! How are you today?
Pat: terrible, terrible
Sybil: oh, dear.... oh dear..... Where is Liz?
Liz: I’m coming Mum.
Stepmother: Good morning.
Liz: Morning.
Sybil: And how is Liz today?
Liz: Terrible.
Sybil: Oh dear .... You too?
Liz: my head ... My back... and my neck .... Oooh!
Pat: Cinderella! I’m hungry! ..Bring me my breakfast!... Now!
Liz: I need some coffee... My head...
Pat: two cups of tea and six pieces of toast.
Liz: Coffee ! black . No sugar. Immediately oh, my head.
Cinderella; Yes sister. Yes sister. Coming!
Narrator: Cinderella is in a great hurry. Suddenly they can hear someone knocking the door.
Sybil: there is someone AT the door. Cinderella open it!
Liz & Pat: Yes yes open it. Open it.
Cinderella: It’s a big envelope.
Pat: Mother read it! Liz: Yes read it.
Sybil: This is an invitation to a Royal Ball.
Pat: A Royal Ball ?
Liz: When? Read! Read!
Sybil: Tonight... at nine o’clock at the Palace...To celebrate the birthday of the Prince.
Pat: The palace! The Prince!
Sybil: But what can we wear. We have no party dresses.
Cinderella: And me too. I need a new dress... I can’t wear these...
Liz,& Pat : YOU? You can’t go to the ball! Mum, can she?
Sybil: yes she can... But first there is some work for you Cinderella.
Pat: and my room!
Liz: and my room!
Sybil: 3. Clean the sitting room!
Pat: The dining room
Liz: The hall!
Pat: The kitchen!
Liz: the bathroom
Sybil: 4 Wash my clothes.
Pat: My dresses
Liz: My dresses.
Pat: My stockings
Liz: My socks.
Sybil: Than you can make your dress and go to the ball.
Narrator: Cinderella works hard. She is very tired.
Cinderella: Oh no! I can’t do that today.................................... I’m tired. I have no dress and the ball is starting. Who can help me now?
Fairy: I can help you, Cinderella.
Cinderella: But who are you?
Fairy: I am your Fairy Godmother. Now tell me , what’s your problem?
Cinderella: Oh Fairy... There is a Royal Ball and I can’t go there. Look at my clothes! They are old and dirty!
Fairy: HMMM close your eyes! Now open them!
Cinderella: Thank you! Thank you! My dress is beautiful!
Fairy: Look at that pumpkin! Turn around! it’s your cart. Now you can go to the Ball.
Cinderella: you are so good Fairy. Thank you.
Fairy: Have a good Time.... But remember Cinderella come home before midnight.. Do you understand?
Cinderella: Yes. Before Midnight. I’m so happy!
Narrator: Cinderella goes to the Ball.
Pat: Look Liz. What a pretty girl.
Liz: Who is she? I don’t know her.
Prince: Do you want to dance with me?
Cinderella: Yes, your majesty. With pleasure
Narrator: and they danced all night, suddenly they heard the clock.
Cinderella: I must go.
Prince: Wait wait What’s your name? Where do you live?
Prince : where is she? I don’t know her name. But... This is her shoe! I’ll find her!
Narrator: The prince is very sad, he goes from one house to another ... At last he goes to Cinderella’s house.
Prince: Is my pretty lady here?
Sybil: Yes, she is. Pat come here quickly. Try on this shoe! Now!
Pat: Mum I can’t. It’s too small.
Sybil: Pat, you naughty girl ! ugh Liz, my sweetie please put this shoe on.
Liz: Yes Mummy..... but Mum look it’s too big! Sorry
Cinderella: That shoe is mine!
Pat & Liz : ha, ha . ha it’s funny. You must be crazy.
Cinderella: It’s mine. And I have the other one, look!
Prince: Will you marry me?
Cinderella: Yes I will.
Narrator: and they lived long and happily.

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