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Dział: Języki obce

The legend of the Wawel dragon. Scenariusz przedstawienia



N1-Once upon a time in Cracow there lived the king Krak. He was a very good and clever king. He was very brave and strong... He had a beautiful castle in Cracow which was on the hill called the Wawel Hill.
N2-He lived there with his beautiful daughter Ludmila. She was the most beautiful girl in the city.
N1- Yes, she was the prettiest girl in the city and Cracow was the most beautiful town in the whole country.
N2-And throughout the land everyone was happy. Until the terrible fire breathing dragon appeared. Many brave knights had attempted to kill the monster but none prevailed. The dragon settled in a cave at the bottom of the Wawel Hill.
N1- The people were frightened. The king wanted this dragon destroyed but no weapon could defeat the beast.


In the castle


Nobleman 1 – Your majesty... the terrible dragon lives under our castle.
Knight 1 - Yes, he has eaten all the sheep and all the cattle. He roams around the countryside and does whatever he wants to.
Nobleman 2 - Everyone is scared of him, all the farmers and all the people living in the town. Everyone trembles with fear thinking of him. People say there is no way no weapon to defeat the beast.
Nobleman 1 - What can we do?
Knight 1 - How can we get rid of the dragon?
Princess – Father, you must do something. We can’t live in constant fear.
King – I know that my people are scared. So many brave knights lost their lives. Even I’ve tried to kill the dragon and I barely saved my neck. Leave me alone...
Princess - As you wish...
King – What can I do? What can I do? I know! Call the witch ... call her!
Guard 1 – Call the witch!
Guard 2 – Call the witch!
Echo – Call the witch! ... Caaaall theeeee wiiiiitch!


Witch – Master ... did you call me?
King – Oooooo ... it’s you. I call you because the horrible dragon kills and terrorizes my people ... destroys my land. I don’t know what to do.
Witch – Hmmmm ... let’s see ... I see, I see clearly ... the dragon is very dangerous but you can kill him. Use your shrewdness ... not weapon.
King – How can we kill the beast without any weapon?
Witch – Think about it ...
King – You can go. Thank you. John ... John!
Nobleman 2 - Your majesty.
King – I’ve an idea. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and write.
Nobleman 2 – As you wish.


In the dragon’s cave

SONG 4 [rycerz z giermkiem skradają się do jaskini smoka]

Dragon – Juuuuhhhuuu ... Help me!
Knight – Who are you?
Dragon – Help me, please!
Squire – Sir ... it can be a trap.
Knight – It’s a lady. Come on.
SONG 5 [ryk smoka]
Knight - I’m going to fight with you!
Dragon - Go away or I’ll eat you.
Knight -I have an armour and a sword.
Dragon - I have sharp claws and big teeth.
Knight – I have hundred arrows.
Dragon - And I can blow fire.
Knight - Oh no, help!!!
[rycerz pada – ma atak serca , giermek ucieka]

SONG 6 [smok ciągnie rycerza do jamy, podchodzi to kartki rysuje znaczek]

Dragon – Next! Oh boy ... what’s a busy day.
What’s this? Ooooooo it’s me! Wait a minute ... I’m not so ugly, am I?
My head is worth 2 thousand silver dukates! Fantastic! Well, well ... lunch is waiting!


N 1- Many brave knights arrived to Cracow to kill the dragon but nobody was able to defeat him. Do you think anyone will finally kill the monster?
N2- I hope so. ....
N1- In Cracow lived young shoemaker. His name was Skuba. He was very brave and clever.

At the market


Nobleman 2 – Listen, listen what the king said. If someone kills the dragon will get a half of the kingdom and will marry princess Ludmila. If you are strong enough and brave enough, kill the dragon and make all the people in Cracow happy again!
Squire – Skuba? Hello!
Skuba – Nice to see you, my friend.
Squire – How are you?
Skuba – I’m fine.
Squire – Have you heard the king’s announcement? You should try, you are smart. If you kill the dragon you will be rich.
Skuba – Well I’m only a shoemaker ... but you ... you are a squire, you can fight.
Squire – I’ve tried. This monster is ... so terrifying and his big teeth ...
Skuba – Really?
Squire – I’d better go. Take care.
Skuba – Bye ...

Shoemaker’s shop


Master - Can you hear that noise?
Skuba - Yes, the Wawel dragon is hungry. He can eat almost everything.
Master - Yes, everybody is so worried. Nothing can be done for us.
Skuba - Master would you please give me a sheepskin?
Master - What do you need it for?
Skuba - I have a plan...


Master - Wait a minute! How can you do what the knights with their swords and axes couldn’t do?
Skuba - I’ll make a puppet that will look like a real sheep. It will be stuffed with sulphur and ....I’ll leave it close to the cave. When the dragon sees it, he’ll eat it.
Master - Sounds great Skuba! But you must be very careful, the dragon is very dangerous!


N2 - The next morning Skuba went to the dragon’s cave and left the stuffed lamb in front of it.


Skuba - The dragon is sleeping. I’ll leave the puppet here and hide.
Dragon - I would eat something. I’m starving. What a nice surprice!
That was delicious, but now I’m thirsty. I have to drink something.

In the castle

Princess - Oh, it’s very quiet this morning.
King - Yes, how strange it is. Look over there! This terrible dragon is drinking water from the Vistula River. He’s drinking and drinking and drinking...
Princess - He’s going to drink all water from Vistula.
King - His belly is completely full of water. His belly’s heavy, he’s unable to move, but he’s still drinking.


Princess - Oh, the dragon has exploded.
Princess and king - Hurray!!! We are save at last!!!

N2 - The explosion was so powerful that the whole Wawel castle shook.
N1 - King Krak, princess Ludmila and all the people became incredibly happy.A great joy was in the city. Skuba and princess Ludmila got married and Skuba became a new king.



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