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The weather - scenariusz lekcji języka angielskiego

Opracowała: Agnieszka Gajos

Level: elementary
Number of students: 15
Age: 7
Time: 45 min

• to practise listening skills
• to review the weather vocabulary
• to explain the meaning of some words

Assumed knowledge:
• Ss know the question: “What’s the weather like?”
• Ss can answer the question
• Ss know basic vocabulary connected with weather: eg. “windy”, rainy”

Anticipated problems:
• Ss can have problems with speaking
• Ss can have problems with understanding some new words in the song
• Ss can have problems with working in a group

• T should encourage Ss to answer questions
• T should explain new words
• T should reward those who work properly in groups

• the weather wallcharts
• the pictures with Miss Rain, Miss Snow, Miss Wind
• the text of the song “The weather” (Appendix 1)
• a tape with the song, a tape recorder
• Warm up
Time: 5 min
Aims: to focus the children’s attention on the topic of the lesson, to revise vocabulary: “windy”, “snowy”, “rainy”
Interaction pattern: T → Ss, Ss→T
T fans himself/herself and says: “Uff, uff, it’s hot! He pretends to shiver and says: ”Brr, brr, it’s cold! He repeats and encourages the children to join in. T points to the weather wallchart and asks the class: “What’s the weather like?”. Ss answer using the already known weather vocabulary, eg. “It’s windy”.

• Pre-listening activity
Time: 10 min
Aims: to prepare for the listening, to motivate Ss to listen, to explain the words: “cold”, “hot”.
Interaction pattern: T→Ss, Ss→T, Ss→Ss
Children work in three groups. Each group is given the same picture. T focuses their attention on it and says: “Look at the picture. Is it hot or cold?” he elicits the word “cold” and introduces Miss Wind, Miss Rain, Miss Snow.

• Listening activity
Time: 15
Aims: to listen carefully in order to illustrate the song
Interaction pattern: Ss→Ss, T→Ss
Ss are in the same groups as they were at the beginning. They listen to Miss Wind, Miss Rain and Miss Snow and find out who is the first to sing and who sings last. Before listening for the second time, they are asked to relax and close their eyes (dim light if possible). Each group has a similar task connected with particular stanzas. First group listens to the first stanza, imagines and draws a picture. The same is done by the second and third group with the next stanzas.

• Post-listening activity: “Song performance”
Time: 10
Aims: to sing a song, to use known weather vocabulary, performing the song
Interaction pattern: T→Ss, Ss→T, Ss→Ss
In their groups Ss play the role of Miss Rain, Miss Snow and Miss Wind by imitating the sounds. Later they listen to the tape recorder and try to sing. T changes the roles and repeats the activity.

• Assigning homework
Time: 5 min
Aims: to discuss the homework
Interaction pattern: T→Ss
T asks Ss to draw their favorite weather conditions on a separate piece of paper. He adds that they are going to do a “picture show” during next lesson.

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