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Polish Universities and their chances

Polish Education is considered as one of the most developed in the current world. However, there is a question why there are so many good universities in that beautiful country and such low level of cooperation between the companies and the academic bodies.
Another question which comes to my mind is: Why Polish Universities are not even in the top 100 world universities.
The situation looks far much more complex than it seems from the first side.

First of all, Poland went through the Second World War and Communist system. It means that this country has suffered for over 50 years. Recently I visited museum devoted to Polish Officers who were killed by the Russians during the second world war. Thousands of educated people were killed only because they surrounded and believed that they would be treated like the prisoners of war.
The same situation referred to the Poles who were killed by the Nazi Germans. Many of the eminent Polish professor and scientists were taken to concentration camps and killed there. Then the communist period promoting party members and restricting education to control the nation.

Then Poland faced post-communist society gasping for freedom and consisting of children of those who survived repercussions and children of those who were the party members. Undoubtedly all of the Polish people understood and appreciate the value of freedom. However, the freedom has to be fought for and protected. That is why Poland needs a very good educational system. Poland needs universities working close with the companies and to achieve that might not be easy.

There are a few issues which should be considered or questions asked:
1. Are students taught the academic and practical knowledge?
2. What is the background of academics and are they regularly assessed by the students?
3. What does really matter on the university level, connections or efficiency?
4. Are lecturers prepared to deliver the lectures and to what extend?

I do fully understand that those are not easy questions to answer and it needs a lot of courage to deal with them. Personally I believe that Polish education is slowly and gradually aiming at the right direction and in the next 20 years one of the Polish Universities will join the first 100 of the World Best Universities.

Good luck.

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