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Negotiations and the Character of a Person

There are many articles and science books on negotiations. Therefore, I would rather focus on one of the most crucial element of negotiations which is the human character. Over the last thirty years, I have worked as the consultant for some of the biggest companies dealing with housings, finances, insurance and jewellery. Over those years I met hundreds of CEOs and their managers who were experienced in negotiations.

All of those people, had international experience and knowledge which you can gain through thousands of negotiations, meetings, discussion and a pinch of academic knowledge.

However, there was one common thing for all of those people. Each of them had his or her own character depending on the local culture, environment, private and professional background and education. Even the best negotiators revealed their character features which at some point paid a crucial role.

People reactions to certain situations are much stronger than they could and even try to control them. Sometimes there are micro seconds revealing their thought, attitude or approach. Those micro seconds can save you from agreeing on something or giving the concessions.

Everyone uses micro expressions. Those are nearly invisible expressions on your face which can tell the truth about your thoughts and much more. If you manage to read and study that area more, you will see how important it is. To cut the long story short, people cannot hide what they think even if they are really well trained. Their character works like a big engine, pushing the emotions out of their body even through nearly invisible micro expressions.

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