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The History of Saint Patrick - przedstawienie teatralne


The Characters in the Play

Saint Patrick
God’s voice
Irish Raider I
Irish Raider II
Meliuc – the landowner
Sailor I
Sailor II
Pope Celestine
Irish people

Narrator: This story tells about Saint Patrick – the Patron Saint of Ireland – country which is a member of the European Union. It is divided into Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and many people there belong to the Protestant religions. In the Republic of Ireland most people belong to the Roman Catholic religion. Its official languages are Irish Gaelic and English and its national symbol is shamrock.
Narrator: Patrick was an ordinary boy who didn’t like learning and liked playing. One day ......

(Patrick comes and sees two people on the boat.)
Patrick: Hi! Who are you?
Irish Raider I: We are Irish people. And who are you?
Patrick: I am Patrick. I am sixteen years old. I live here with my mother and father.
Irish Raider II: You will come with us! We are going to kidnap you and take to Ireland as a slave.
Patrick: No! No! Please don’t do that! No!
(The Irish raiders catch Patrick and take him on the boat.)

Narrator: Patrick was taken to Ireland where he was sold to a local landowner.
Meliuc: I am Meliuc – I have got big land and you are my slave.
Patrick: Please! Please! Let me go!
Meliuc: No, I don’t want to. I have paid a lot of money for your head. You will be working as a shepherd.
(Patrick on the meadow. He prays. Sheep around him)
Patrick: Please God! Help me! Help me to come back to my parents. They are worried about me and I miss them a lot.
Narrator: He prayed day and night because God brought him comfort during this hard time. One night he heard a voice calling him:
God’s voice: You do well too fast: soon you will depart for your home country.(After a while) Behold, your ship is ready.
Patrick: I have spent here six years. I am not going to stay here any longer. I will run away.

(Patrick walks. The landscape changes.)
Narrator: He travelled for 200 miles until he came to the seacoast.
(Patrick sees two people on the ship.)
Patrick: Where are you going?
Sailor I: We are going to France.
Patrick: Take me with you to Britain! I want to come back to my family.
Sailor II: Have you got any money to pay for the trip?
Patrick: No, I haven’t got any money, but when I arrive home, my father will pay you!
Sailor I: (laughing) We don’t believe you. So we are not going to take you!
(Patrick goes away and knees)
Patrick: God! Please help me!
Sailor II: Hey Boy! Come here! We changed our mind. We will take you to your home.

Narrator: When Patrick came back home he didn’t feel very well. So he spent seven years travelling throughout Europe and trying to find his purpose. One day he heard the voice again....
God’s voice: Ireland is waiting for you......
Patrick: Shall I be a priest ....? Yes, I should study to become a true servant of God. I want to take His Message throughout the world. I want to come back to Ireland!

Narrator: He had been studying very hard for four years and soon he became a priest. But he often heard the voice:
God’s voice: Ireland is waiting for you!
Pope Celestine: Dear Patrick. I know that you have been dreaming about Ireland for many, many years. It is time for your dream to come true. So, I appoint you a Bishop and you will go to Ireland.
Patrick: Thank you very much!

Narrator: Patrick and his followers arrived to Ireland in the winter of 432. When he stood on the Irish ground all snakes left the island.
(People gather around him)
Patrick: I am the God’s messenger. I have arrived here to preach you the Gospel. Ireland is going to be a Christian land. The Christians worship only one God who has three personalities – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
People: (laughing) It is ridiculous. We don’t believe you!
(Patrick points the shamrock)
Patrick: Look! There is one stem but there are three leaves on it. So it is with the Blessed Trinity. There is one God but three persons stemming from the same divinity.
People: Oh! He is right!

Narrator: From then on Patrick helped to spread the Christian religion in Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March in Ireland where people drink Irish beer, listen to folk music and wear green clothes.

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