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Numer: 22959
Dział: Języki obce

Can I go to Spain - scenariusz lekcji języka angielskiego dla gimnazjum lub liceum


TOPIC: “Can I go to Spain?”

THE AIMS OF THE LESSON: - to develop student`s
communicative skills
- to practise asking for and
- giving permission
- to role play a dialogue
- to use role cards properly
- to choose the best summer
holiday place

ASSUMPTIONS: Students are familiar with the expressions:
permission, accomodation, conditions, etc.
They know the present perfect and present
tenses and also past tenses as well as future

ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: Students may have problems
deciding who should perform
the role play first, etc.

SOLUTION: If so, teacher gives cues how to do it

MATERIALS: - extra optional materials ( cards with the
dialogue, pictures , role play cards).


Teacher asks questions: - “Do you like summer holidays?”
- “Where were you on your last
Teacher elicits from Ss some names of holiday places.

S1: “I love holidays! My last holidays were perfect! I was in France. I met a lot of new people”.

S2: “I was in Kołobrzeg”, ect.

AIM: to raise Ss` interest in the topic
TIME: 3 min

ACTIVITY 1 (Appendix 1)

Procedure: Teacher shows some pictures of holiday places
and puts them on the board,
Ss are to discuss the advantages and
disadvantages of those places,
T. writes some expressions that Ss may use
during the discussion,
While doing the exercise Ss should take into
consideration /prices, conditions, accomodation,
surrounding, ect./.

AIM: - to choose the best place for holiday
to prepare Ss for next task
TIME: 10 min


Procedure: Teacher gives Ss the dialogue
Ss read individually and try to remember new
expression and words


Andrea Dad, listen to this. It`s from Carmen. “Would you
like to come and stay with us next month?” Dad, can
I go, please, please?
Terry: Where will you fly?
Mother: But how will you get there? You need help. I don `t
agree. No!
Terry: Where will you stay?
Andrea: I will be at Carmen`s uncle`s house in the country.
It`s a beautiful place.
Father: It`s a long journey. Your plain can crash. There are
many other dangers.
Mother: Andrea, you are still a child. I long don` t give agree.
There is many people as much as is a big city. You
can get lost.
Andrea: It will be wonderful. I`ll go swimming in the... in the
sea and I`ll do so many things.
Terry: Let her go.
Father: OK Andrea. You can go, but be careful and call
everyday, no talk to strangers.
Mother: Well, all right. I agree too, but I` m not very happy.
You must pay attention there.

Andrea: Oh, thank you dad, thank you. I`ll be careful. Oh, I`m
so happy.
Terry: I`ll help with Andrea`s luggage.
Andrea: Thank you Terry.

After reading the dialogue Ss repeat new words and expressions in chorus, groups and individually

AIM: to practice pronunciation of the new expressions needed during the lesson
TIME: 3 min

Procedure: T. puts Ss in groups of four
Groups take turns in acting out the dialogue
AIM: - to prepare Ss for next task
- to practise reading the dialogue

Procedure: According to the dialogue in this exercise people
are involved in a conflict between Andrea, her
parents and her friend Terry. She wants to go to
Carmen, who lives in Spain, for holiday, but
Andrea`s parents do not want to agree with her
decision to go there. Terry supports Andrea and
helps her through the whole situation.

STEP 1 T. gives Ss role cards. They are to perform the
situation from the dialogue. Ss can only use the role
cards they are given earlier. Teacher explains how to
use role cards. Taking into consideration difficulty
of the task, Ss’ presumed language level and its
length students are given some time to prepare and
practise their parts in the exercise.

Students perform the task in front of the class.

AIM:- to develop Ss` communicative skills,
- to let them use language in a creative way
TIME: 24 min


Generally, the aims of the lesson were achieved. The students were eager to talk about their holidays.
The organisation of the role play itself was a bit chaotic at first; the students did not know who they would like to be in the group, who was going to be the first to perform the role play, ect. That is why I decided to reorder the activities. In this case, not all the students participated in the activity. However, in this case the atmosphere in the classroom was much better. During the lesson the students were more free thanks to the role cards. They seemed to have a good time while impersonaiting the characters they were aquainted with. They even changed the tone and the pitch of their voices. The rest of the students had a good time enjoing the performances without interrupting the role players.
On the whole the lessons went quite well and students asked me for more such lessons in future.

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