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Numer: 8820
Dział: Języki obce

Konkurs wiedzy o Krakowie w języku angielskim



I. Choose the correct answer.
1. The Main Market Square was laid out in ........
a) 1150 b) 1257 c) 1320
2. Each side of the Main Square is ........ metres long
a)50 b)100 c) 200
3. The Grunwald Monument is situated at .... Square.
a) The Main b) Szczepański c) J. Matejko’s
4. The Barbican’s walls are about ..... metres thick.
a) two b) three c) four
5. St. Florian’s Gate was built in ....... century.
a) 12th b) 13th c) 14th
6. There was a ....... around the old town of Krakow.
a) forest b) moat c) lake
7. There were ..... towers and ..... gates in the past.
a) 47/8 b) 57/10 c) 30/15
8. The higher tower of St. Mary’s Church is .... metres high.
a) seventy-one b) eighty-one c) ninety-one
9. There is ...... in the centre of the Main Square.
a) St. Adalbert’s Church b) The Cloth Hall c) The Town Hall
10. The entrance of the Town Hall Tower is guarded by two stone ........
a) bears b) lions c) tigers
11. Veit Stoss came from .....
a) England b) Poland c) Germany
12. The Arras tapestries from Brussels were commissioned by king ......
a) Sigismund Augustus b) Sigismund III Waza c) Ladislau the Elbow-High
13. The Church of SS Peter and Paul was funded by .......
a) Casimir the Great b) Sigismund III Waza c) Boleslau the Chaste
14. There is ...... Church in Grodzka Street.
a) St. Andrew’s b) St. Ann’s
c) St. Adalbert’s Church
15. A bugle from St. Mary’s Church is played ......
a) only in the morning b) only in the evening c) every hour.

II. True or false?
1.St. Adalbert’s Church is Gothic.
2.The Pod Różą Hotel is located in Floriańska Street.
3.There is a renaissance cathedral on the Wawel Hill.
4.The Royal Route passes by Szewska Street.
5.Neo-Gothic arcades were added to the Cloth Hall in 19th century.
6.You can admire the polychromy by Jan Matejko in St. Mary’s Church.
7.The Town Hall was demolished in 18th century.
8.The Barbican was the last element of the medieval city walls in Krakow.
9.Adam Mickiewicz and Juliusz Słowacki are buried in the cathedral crypts.
10.The Room “Under the Heads” is the largest room in the Royal Castle.

III. Match the year/s with the monument/ event.
1. The Grunwald Monument
2. The Monument of A. Mickiewicz
3. the coronation of Ladislau the Elbow-High
4. the Sigismund bell in the cathedral
5. the altar by Veit Stoss

A) 1898 B) 1477-89 C) 1521 D) 1320 E) 1910
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 –

IV. Match the monument with its architectural style.
1. St. Andrew’s Church a) Romanesque
2. SS Peter and Paul Church b) Gothic
3. The Barbican c) Baroque
4. The Cloth Hall d) Renaissance

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

V. Where exactly can you see:
-a Foucault pendulum –
-a rococo boat shaped pulpit -
-God the Father – a stained-glass window designed by St. Wyspiański –

-the largest medieval wooden altar in Europe -
-the Royal Chambers -
-the confession of t. Stanislaus –

VI. Name:
1. two museums located in Floriańska Street:
2. two paintings that you can see in the Gallery of Polish 19th century Painting and Sculpture in the Cloth Hall
3. two Polish national heroes ( not writers ) buried in the cathedral crypts
4. two chapels in the cathedral
5. two people at the Grunwald Monument.

TOTAL: / 50

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