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Numer publikacji: 877
Dział: Języki obce

Scenariusz przedstawienia "Romeo & Juliet" w wersji angielskiej na podstawie sztuki W. Shakespeare'a


CZAS I MIEJSCE: Gimnazjum w Bestwinie – 14.01.2008 – mała sala gimnastyczna

BENVOLIO Montague cousin of ROMEO

TYBALT Capulet cousin of JULIET
NURSE Capulet servant to JULIET
PETER............................. Lord Capulet’s servant

1 Capulets and Montagues get into a fight; Prince stops them
2 Romeo tells Mercutio he is brokenhearted
Mercutio persuades Romeo to go to Capulet's ball
3 Juliet's mother and Nurse discuss marriage with her
4 At Capulet ball, Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight
Tybalt wants to kill Romeo; Capulet stops him
Romeo & Juliet talk, then learn they are enemies
5 Romeo slips away; his friends look for him
6 Romeo & Juliet exchange vows of love and plan to marry (balcony scene)
7 Friar agrees to marry Romeo & Juliet
8 Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo joke around; Romeo meets Nurse
9 {Friar marries Romeo & Juliet}
10 Tybalt challenges Romeo; Romeo refuses; Mercutio fights Tybalt and dies; Romeo kills Tybalt
11 Juliet's mother tells her she'll wed Paris; she refuses; her father is enraged; Nurse advises her to marry Paris
12 Friar plans for Juliet to fake her death
13 Juliet takes the sleeping potion;
14 They believe Juliet is dead;
15 Romeo finds Juliet and drinks the poison;
16 Juliet wakes and kills herself

ACT I The Capulets and the Montagues

SCENE 1 i 2

The town square in Verona
Street fight between the families. Prince stopped them.
Romeo siedzi na ulicy, smutny, załamany, w tle walka, na którą nie zwraca uwagi.
Podchodzi Mercutio.
MERCUTIO: Forget her. The Capulets throw a party. Come to it and have fun! Find someone and you will be happy.
Romeo patrzy na niego,bez wyrazu. Wstaje. Wychodzą.


Juliet’s bedroom.

LADY CAPULET: Nurse, where is my daughter? Call her to me.
NURSE: I’ve already told her to come. Where is that girl? Juliet!
Juliet comes in.
JULIET: What is it? Who’s calling me?
NURSE: Your mother.
JULIET: Here I am, mother.
LADY CAPULET: [to the nurse]: You know how old Juliet is.
Yes, of course! She’ll be fourteen in July.
[To Juliet]: You were the prettiest baby that I’ve ever nursed. If I can see you married, I’ll be happy.
LADY CAPULET: Marriage is exactly the subject that I want to talk about.
JULIET: I’ve never thought about marriage.
LADY CAPULET: Well think about it now. Younger ladies than you from noble families are already mothers. I became your mother at about the same age as you are now. Listen – the fine gentleman Paris would like to marry you.
NURSE: He is the perfect picture of a man, young lady!
LADY CAPULET [To Juliet]: But what do you say? Can you love this gentleman? You’ll see him tonight at our party. Look closely at his handsome face. You can read his feelings by looking at his eyes.
JULIET: I’ll look at him, and try to like him.
[Peter suddenly runs in]

PETER: Madam, the guests have arrived and dinner is ready. You are called for, and my young lady is asked for, and Nurse is needed in the kitchen.

LADY CAPULET: We’re coming. Juliet, Paris is waiting for you.
NURSE: Go, girl. Look for happy days – and nights.
[They go out.]


A large room in the Capulets’ house.

[Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet, the Nurse and all the guests are there. Romeo and his friends arrive, wearing masks.]

LORD CAPULET: [to his guests] Welcome, everybody! [to Romeo and his friends] Welcome, gentlemen! These lovely ladies will have a dance with you. There was a time when I too went to parties. [laughing] I can remember speaking soft words into a beautiful lady’s ear. You are very welcome, gentlemen! Let’s have some music. More light! Sit down, cousin Capulet. Our dancing days have ended.

ROMEO: [to himself] Who is that beautiful lady? She is too beautiful for ordinary life, too special for this world! Was I in love before? No – not until tonight.
TYBALT: [standing near Romeo & listening] This man has the voice of Montague. Has he come here to make fun of our party? I’ll kill him..
LORD CAPULET: [coming toward Tybalt] What’s the matter, Tybalt? Why are you looking so angry?
TYBALT:” [pointing at Romeo] Uncle, that man is a Montague, one of our enemies.
LORD CAPULET: It’s Romeo, isn’t it?
TYBALT: Yes. I hate him.
LORD CAPULET: Be polite to him. Am I the master here, or are you? Do you want to make trouble for my guests?
TYBALT: [angry] I’ll go. But something bad will happen as a result of these unwelcome guests.
[he goes out]
Romeo and Juliet are talking.
NURSE: [hurrying toward Juliet] Madam, your mother wants to talk to you
[Julliet leaves Romeo and goes to her mother]
ROMEO: Who is her mother?
NURSE: Her mother is the lady of the house, of course. And a very good, wise and kind lady. I nursed her daughter – the girl you talked to just now. I tell you – her husband will be a lucky man!
[She goes away ]
ROMEO: Is she Capulet? That’s terrible news!
BENEVOLIO: [coming towards Romeo] Let’s go!
LORD CAPULET: Good night, gentlemen.

JULIET: Come here, Nurse. Who’s that man who didn’t want to dance? [to herself] If he’s married, I’ll never have a wedding-bed, only a grave.
NURSE: His name is Romeo and he’s a Montague – the only son of your family’s great enemy.
JULIET: My only love is the son of my only enemy! I didn’t know that when I met him. But now is too late!
NURSE: Let’s go. The guests have all gone home.



The Capulets’s garden, with Juliet’s bedroom above.

[Romeo comes in, alone]
ROMEO: How can I leave when the centre of my world is here?
BENEVOLIO and MERCUTIO are looking for Romeo:
B: Romeo, Romeo, my cousin Romeo!
M: He’s clever. I’m sure he’s gone home to bed.
B: Yes, let’s go. He doesn’t want us to find him.
[Benevolio and Mercutio leave]
Romeo: It’s my lady! It’s my love! But she doesn’t know that she is my love.
[Juliet says sth to herself]
ZAMIAST DIALOGU proponuję piosenkę o miłości śpiewaną po polsku razem przez Romeo
i Julię np: “CUDOWNA NOC”
ROMEO: 9 o’clock/
JULIET: It’s early in the morning. Good night, good night! It’s so sad to leave you. [She goes inside]
ROMEO: Sleep in peace, my love! Night has ended.


The garden of Friar Laurence’s house.

[Friar Laurence comes in alone, carrying a bag]
ROMEO: Good morning, Father.
FRIAR: Who greets me in this friendly way so early? Romeo, you didn’t go to bed last night, did you?
ROMEO: You are right. I’ll tell you before you ask me again. I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful daughter of rich Capulet, and she is in love with me too. We want to get married. Please, agree to marry us today.
FRIAR: [very surprised]: But this is a great change! Have you so quickly forgotten Rosaline, your great love?
ROMEO: Don’t be angry with me. My new love is very different from Rosaline. She loves me as much as I love her.
FRIAR: All right then, come with me. I’ll help you for one reason only. Perhaps this marriage will end the terrible hate between your families. Perhaps it will turn that hate into love.
ROMEO: Let’s go. I’m in a hurry!
[They leave]



MERCUTIO: Where is Romeo? Didn’t he go home last night?
BENEVOLIO: Not to his father’s house. I spoke to his servant.
MERCUTIO: Tybalt, old Capulet’s relative, wants to fight him.
BENEVOLIO: Poor Romeo is already dead – killed by love. Is he ready to fight and win?
MERCUTIO: Tybalt is a professional fighter.
[Romeo arrives, looking happy]
ROMEO: Good morning to you both.
M & B: Good morning, Signor Romeo.
You look very friendly now.
[The nurse arrives]
NURSE: [To Romeo]: I’d like to speak to you alone......[odchodzą na bok]
If you are playing with Juliet’s feelings, that’s wrong of you.
ROMEO: Oh, no. I’m very serious. Tell her to come to Friar Laurence house this afternoon. And there she and I can get married. and take this rope, give it to your lady, please.
NURSE: Thank you, sir. Good bye.



[Friar alone]
FRIAR: I hope that this marriage won’t result in any trouble for us.
ROMEO comes in: I hope not too.
[Juliet comes running in. She kisses Romeo]
JULIET: Good evening Father
FRIAR: Good evening.
[MUZYKA – marsz weselny, ŚLUB]

Mercutio, Benevolio, Tybalt, Sampson, Gregory
MERCUTIO: Let’s see how well you can use a sword?
TYBALT: I’m ready for you.
Romeo przybywa i widzi M nieżywego.
Romeo kills Tybalt.

Ludzie z miasta przychodzą. Ktoś krzyczy. Run, Romeo, Run!
If they catch you, the Prince will order your death.
Romeo runs away.



Do pokoju wchodzi Lady Capulet.
LADY CAPULET: How are you, Juliet? Are you still crying about Tybalt’s death?
Juliet: I loved him very much.
LADY CAPULET: Perhaps you are crying because his murderer, Romeo, is still alive?
JULIET: Romeo isn’t a murderer.
LADY CAPULET: Don’t cry! I’ll send a message to a man to poison Romeo. … But I brought you some good news.
JULIET: What is it?
LADY CAPULET: You have a wise father, child. He knows how unhappy you are. So he’s preparing a very happy day for you.
JULIET: Really, Mum? What day is it?
Lady CAPULET: Early on Thursday morning, the noble young Paris will marry you at St Peter’s Church.
JULIET: No, he won’t! Please, I’m no ready for marriage. And if I am ready I prefer to marry Romeo than Paris.
/wchodzi Lord Capulet/
LORD CAPULET: How are you, child?
/ to Lady C/ Did you tell her about our decision?
LADY C: Yes, I did. But the silly girl isn’t happy about our plans for her.
LORD CAPULET: What do you mean? I don’t understand you! Wife, isn’t she grateful to us? We’ve found a very fine husband for her. Isn’t she pleased?
JULIET: I’m not pleased, but I’m thankful...
LORD CAPULET: What’s all this? ‘Pleased’ and ‘I’m thankful’and I’m not pleased? Listen, my fine lady, get yourself ready to go with Paris to St Peter’s Church on Thursday. Or I’ll pull you there!
LADY CAPULET: Stop, stop! Are you crazy?
JULIET: /pada na kolana/: Father, please be patient. Please listen to me!
LORD CAPULET: You ungrateful girl! I’m telling you, get to church on Thursday or never look me in the face again!
NURSE: Don’t be angry with her, sir.
LORD CAPULET: And why not? YOU stupid old woman! Be quiet!
LADY CAPULET: Don’t be so angry.
LORD CAPULET: It makes me crazy! Every hour of every day, I’ve worked hard to find a good husband for her. Now I’ve found a fine young gentleman from a noble family. [to Juliet] Well, if you don’t marry him, I’ll never forgive you! You can’t stay here in my house. I’m not joking! If you don’t want to be me daughter, die in the street. Think about it! WYCHODZI
JULIET: [do lady Capulet]: Is there no pity in heaven? Oh, my sweet mother, please don’t throw me out.
LADY CAPULET: Don’t talk to me. I’m not going to say anything to help you. WYCHODZI.

PIOSENKA., wersja instrumentalna nastrojowego utworu, do wyboru przez nauczyciela.





[Juliet comes in]
Juliet: [to Friar] Do you have time to see me now, Father?
FRIAR: Yes, my lady.
FRIAR: Oh, Juliet, I know you problems already. But I don’t know how to solve them.
JULIET: Tell me that you can stop this marriage! If you can’t help me, I’ll kill myself with this knife. [WYJMUJE NÓŻ] Tell me what to do. Why are you so silent?
FRIAR: [zabiera jej nóż] Wait, daughter. I can see a kind of hope, but it’s a little dangerous.
JULIET: I’ll do everything.
daje jej buteleczkę z trucizną. JULIA wychodzi, odwraca się.
FRIAR: Go home, be happy, agree to marry Paris.
JULIET: Thank you, Father, thank you [ściska buteleczkę, ucieka]



WYJMUJE SUKIENKĘ: Yes, that’s dress is the best one. But now, dear Nurse, please leave me. I want to be alone tonight.
LADY CAPULET: Do you need me help, my sweet?
JULIET: No, I’ve chosen everything what I need for tomorrow.
LADY Goodnight. Sleep well. You need to rest.
JULIET: [siedzi na łóżku]



Romeo wchodzi do kaplicy, gdzie leży Julia, podchodzi blisko, rozpacza.
ROMEO: Here lies Juliet. She’s so lovely. She fills this room with light. Oh, my love, my wife! Now I’m going to kill myself. Dear Juliet, why are you so lovely? Now it’s time to die.
Piosenka np “PRZEBACZ MI”.

JULIET: [budzi się. Siada.] Where is Romeo? [Widzi go leżącego na podłodze.]
What’s this bottle in my true love’s hand? [Wącha.] Poison!. So that’s how he died. Oh, Romeo, haven’t you left any for me? I’ll kiss your mouth. Perhaps there is still some poison on it. Then I can taste it and join in death. [Nagle widzi nóż Romea, bierze go...}
Oh, friendly knife! My body will be your final resting-place.
[i przebija się nim].

NA KONIEC: nastrojowy utwór instrumentalny.

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