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American geography - quiz

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American geography quiz

1. When visiting Hawaii you are offered to snorkel and scuba dive. Snorkelling is:
A/ a sport of going deeply under the surface and exploring the sea bed,
B/ a sport when you use a tube that fits in your mouth so that you can breathe when swimming under water,
C/ a sport of walking along the seashore and getting to know the sea animals.

2. There are three most popular ways of exploring Grand Canyon National Park:
A/ hiking, skiing, boat trips,
B/ hiking, bus trips, rafting,
C/ hiking, mule trips, rafting.

3. Travelling in the USA by car gives you a good chance to visit Glacier National Park in Montana and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. These National Parks are situated
A/ in the Rockies,
B/ in Great Lakes area,
C/ in the Appalachians.

4. The Florida Keys is a group of 31 islands. They are connected by bridges, so you can visit them going by car. If you drive to the last island called Key West you will see the view of:
A/ Cuba
B/ New Orleans
C/ Mexico

5. When going round the USA you can choose coach and train services. The two most important coach and train lines are:
A/ BART lines (coaches) and Gray Lives (trains),
B/ Greyhound Lines (coaches) and CalTrain Lines (trains),
C/ Greyhound Lines (coaches) and Amtrak (trains).

6. Each set of words is connected with one US state. Which states are they?
A) Civil War, old plantation houses, New Orleans, state bird: Pelican,
B) postal abbreviation: UT, southern neighbour: Arizona, the leading church: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day (the Mormon Church),
C) state flower: Rose, West Point, Niagara Falls, Dutch settlers.

7. Which motto comes from which state?
A. „Gold and Silver”
B. „We Dare Defend Our Rights”
C. „Great Faces, Great Places”
1. Alabama
2. Montana
3. South Dakota.

8.If you plan to see glaciers and volcanoes in the USA you should visit:
A. North Dakota for glaciers and Key West for volcanoes,
B. Yosemite National Park for glaciers and Seal Rock for volcanoes,
C. Alaska for glaciers and Hawaii for volcanoes.

1. B
2. C
3. A
4. A
5. C
6. A) Louisiana, B) Utah, C) New York
7. A. 2, B. 1, C. 3
8. C

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