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Numer: 6981
Dział: Języki obce

Scenariusz przedstawiania ekologicznego w języku angielskim

Klasy IV-VI


We want to present a story about a boy called Chris, who didn’t like school and didn’t have any interests.One day he discovered that the forest in his town was going to be cut out because a company wanted to build new houses. He felt really sad because he the forest was special for him. He decided to send a letter to television so that someone would help him to protect the forest. This is where our story starts.

Friend- Why are you so sad, Chris?
Chris- They are going to cut out our beautiful forest.
Friend- That’s terrible. I know you are upset but you can’t do anything about it.
Chris- Yes, I can. I am going to send a letter to a televison programme and maybe they will help to save the forest.
Friend- Good luck.

Soon Chris received a letter from a television programme and he was to take part in it.

Presenter- Hello, Chris, you have sent us a letter, that a company wants to cut out a forest in your town. Tell us more about it.
Chris- We have a beautiful forest with birds, small animals and trees.People walk there and relax. We need this place. Someone must save it, It’s wrong to cut it out.

Soon after the show Chris got a call from “ The friends of the Earth”- people from ecological company wanted to help him. He went for a meeting.

Lady- Thanks for coming. You are a brave boy.
Chris- Can you help me to save the forest?
Lady- We can try. Forests are very important. We are going to stand in a line between the foresteres and the trees, and also we are going to write a letter to the mayor and then he will march with this petition to the town hall.

And so they went for a march

Person 1- Save the forest
Person 2- Don’t cut our forest.
Lady- These are our petions. We want you to give them to the mayor, because you started this action. We are proud of you.

Chris- The people don’t want to sell this forest.Please change your mind
Mayor- I will think it over and make the best decision for the town.

After a few days mayor announced that the forest is going to be saved and the reporter came to Chris to talk about this.

Reporter: How does it feel to save the forest?
Chris I am really happy
Reporter What are your plans for the future now? What do you want to do?
Chris: I want to make world a better place to live. I am going to study ecology. I have found my passion and I know that nothing is impossible.

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