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Present Perfect or Past Simple

I. Choose the correct answer.
1. We haven’t seen each other since/in October 2011.
2. Sally hasn’t been/wasn’t to Italy yet.
3. I have watched/watched this film last Sunday.
4. I haven’t written/didn’t write to you for a long time.
5. Jimmy has won/won the lottery on Monday.
6. I have gone/went on holiday to Spain in August.
7. What time have they arrived/did they arrive?
8. Look! She has just fallen/just fell off her bike.

II. Fill in the gaps with the Present Perfect or the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.
1. Mary __________ (start) a new school in September.
2. When _________________ (you/break) your leg?
3. ____________________ (you/ever/have) a serious accident?
4. Monica ____________ (meet) Philip in January 2008.
5. _____________________ (you/answer) all the questions yet?
6. Someone _______________ (steal) my phone!
7. Alan __________________ (already/wash) the dishes.
8. They _________________ (not/finish) their lessons early yesterday.
III. Correct the mistakes.There are three sentences with no mistakes.
1. She wasn’t at school since May. _______________________________________
2. We have met last summer. _________________________________________
3. Tom hasn’t visited his grandma since her birthday. __________________________________
4. Emily has written her first book in 2010. _________________________________
5. I lived in Great Britain for five years when I was younger. _______________________________
6. Sam is in hospital because he sprained his ankle. __________________________
7. I’m so sorry. I broke your favourite vase. ________________________________
8. I didn’t eat oysters before.
9. The match has started 10 minutes ago.
10. Sally has never been to Egypt.

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