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In the orchard. Konspekt lekcji języka angielskiego

Lesson plan – English, year 2
Topic: In the orchard
Content and Language Integrated Learning in terms of language, maths, science and social studies
Duration: 45 minutes
Operational aims:
Students can:
*name fruit and fruit trees in English
*use the new vocabulary when answering questions
*compare pictures and talk about differences between them using the new expressions
Teaching aids: Orchard flashcards, worksheets, colourful numbers presented on the interactive whiteboard
additional teaching aids: local fruit (apples, pears, plums) brought by the teacher and students

The course of the lesson

1. Warm-up: counting the children in the classroom and counting to 20 in different ways
The teacher greets the students by saying: “Good morning, children”, the students reply by saying: “Good morning, teacher”
The teacher and the students count the children together (boys and girls separately) - “How many boys/girls are there in the classroom?”. The teacher shows the pupils numbers from one to twenty on the interactive whiteboard. Every number has a different colour (some colours are repeated, though). The children count aloud in different ways: 1-20 and backwards, by even and odd numbers. Then, they say what colour the numbers are, e.g. 1 is purple, 2 is orange.

2. Presenting the fruit to the class
The teacher shows the students her fruit basket and says: “This is my fruit basket. In my basket I've got some apples, some plums and a pear. How many apples (pears, plums) have I got? Let's count.” The teacher counts the fruit with the children. And the pupils repeat the sentences, e.g. “There are five apples. There are ten plums. There is one pear.” Then, a few students present their fruit and talk about the items they have brought using there is/are.

3. Presenting names of the fruit trees growing in an orchard
The teacher presents the flashcards and says: “It's an orchard. In this orchard there are some apple trees, some pear trees and some plum trees.” and asks “How many apple (pear, plum) trees are there?”. The students answer the questions.

4. Worksheet 1
The teacher distributes the worksheets and asks the students to mark differences between the pictures. Then, the teacher asks “What's different?” and the children answer:
“In picture A there is 1 apple tree. In picture B there are 2 apple trees.
In picture A there are 4 plum trees. In picture B there are 3 plum trees.
In picture A there are 2 pear trees. In picture B there is 1 pear tree.”

5.A movement game
The teacher gives commands such as: “If you like apples – jump. If you like pears – clap your hands. If you like plums – turn around.”

6. Worksheet 2
The students colour the fruit according to the teacher's instructions, for example: “Colour the apples red, colour the pears green, colour the plums purple”

7. Summing up
The teacher praises the students' work and encourages them to eat the fruit brought to class.

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