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Adjectives describing people's personality and appearance

Adjectives describing people’s character and appearance
I. Match adjectives 1-12 with their opposites a-l.
1. polite a ugly
2. strong b lazy
3. sociable c rude
4. tall d poor
5. hairy e straight
6. hard-working f sick
7. fat g stupid
8. rich h weak
9. clever i shy
10. healthy j short
11. attractive k thin
12. curly l bald

II. Complete the sentences using adjectives from exercise 1.

1. Mark never says „Thank you” or „I’m sorry”. He’s very _____________.
2. Sally always studies hard for her exams. She’s really ________________.
3. My uncle can lift up to 100 kilograms. He’s very _______________.
4. Emma is a beautiful woman. People find her ____________________.
5. I don’t like going to the gym or playing team games. I’m rather _____________.
6. Mr Hopkins can afford luxurious cars and expensive houses. He’s a ____________ man.
7. Dennis is a good basketball player. That’s because he’s very ________________.
8. Anna loves meeting new people. She’s really _______________.
9. Miranda is the best student in our class and she can answer any question. She’s very _________________.
10. My dad lost his hair a long time ago and now he’s completely ________________.
11. My parents do lots of exercises and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, so they’re ________________.
12. Sally’s hair isn’t curly. It’s _______________.

III. Make the opposites of given adjectives by adding: dis-, im-, in-, ir-, un-.
Kind -
Patient -
Polite -
Loyal -
Mature -
Honest -
Organised -
Decisive -
Responsible -
Sensitive -
Reliable -
Happy -
Obedient -
Dependent -
Satisfied –

IV. Match the adjectives with their synonyms.
1. chubby a impolite
2. slim b plump
3. fat c outgoing
4. rude d enormous
5. weak e intelligent
6. clever f wealthy
7. sociable g thin
8. rich h feeble

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