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Quiz about Great Britain

1. The patron saint of Ireland is ..........
A. St. David
B. St. Patrick .
C. St. Andrew
D. St. George

2. The Royal Coat of Arms features the motto of British Monarchs which says:
A. God and my right
B. God save the Queen
C. In God we trust
D. Queen is Majestic

3. Which plant is the national symbol of Scotland?..........
A. daffodil
B. thistle
C. tudor rose
D. leek

4. The flag of Wales shows a ...........
A. a knight
B. a white rose
C. dragon
D. a red cross

5. When can you see the Union Jack on top of Buckingham Palace?...........
A. when the Queen is in the palace
B. when the Queen is not in the palace
C. when the Changing of the Guard takes place leek
D. when it’s queen’s birthday

6. The Beefeater guards the...............
A. Tower
B. Tate Gallery
C. Westminster
D. Buckingham Palace

7. National animal of the UK is:
A. tiger
B. unicorn
C. lion
D. goat

8. National personification in the UK is:
A. John Bull
B. Uncle Sam
C. St. George
D. Barbary lion

1. The Tower of London was a .......
A. cathedral
B. prison
C. factory
D. church

2. The British Prime Minister’s official residence is traditionally in .................
A. Buckingham Palace
B. Downing Street
C. Tower of London
D. Westminster Abbey

3. What is the column in Trafalgar Square called?
A. Nelson's Column
B. Cleopatra's Needle
C. Monument
D. Battle

4. What is Harrods?.................
A. A kiosk
B. A department store
C. A language school
D. cinema

5. Where can you admire the wax figures in London?..........
A. Natural History Museum
B. National Gallery
C. Madame Tussauds
D. Piccadilly circus

6. How many capsules are there in London Eye ?.................
A. 25
B. 30
C. 32
D. 35

7. Which bridge is for pedestrians only?..............
A. The Millennium Bridge
B. Tower Bridge
C. Chelsea Bridge
D Southwark Bridge

8. St Mary Axe is also called?...............

A. pinecone
B. aubergine
C. cucumber
D. 'the Gherkin'

1. Which English King had six wives?...................
A. Williams III
B. Charles I
C. Harald Godwinson
D. Henry VIII

2. Which famous writer was born in Stratford-upon-Avon?.................
A. Geoffrey Chaucer
B. William Shakespeare
C. Agatha Christie
D. William Thackeray

3. Well known place in which Shakespeare's theatre company performed many times..............
A. London Theatre
B. Shakespeare's Theatre
C. The Grand Theatre
D. The Globe Theatre

4. Which of these is not Shakespeare’s play?..............
A. “The Cantenbury Tales”
B. “Macbeth”
C. “King Laer
D. Othello

5. Who was a famous Scottish poet?..............
A. Burns
B. Burton
C. Elliot
D. Blake

6. The second name of Charlie Chaplin is:

A. Bill
B. José
C. Spencer
D. Jeremi

7. The Beatles first single was
A. ‘Twist and shout’
B. ‘ The Beatles’
C. ‘ Yellow submarine’
D. ‘Love me do’

8. When did the Great Fire of London break out?..............
A. in 1666
B. in 1632
C. in 1728
D. in 1738


1. While the reporter __________ the policeman, the robber escaped.
A. interviewed
B. has been interviewing
C. was interviewing
D. had been interviewing

2. Tara is exhausted. She __________for half an hour.
A. has been running
B. had been running
C. has running
D. was running

3. I wish I __________ a millionaire so I could travel all over the world
A. am
B. had been
C. have been
D. were

4. Shakespeare would be famous even if he __________ "To be or not to be..."
A. had not written
B. had not been writing
C. has not written
D. had not write

5. I’m very angry since I __________my mobile phone.
A. had lost
B. have lost
C. lost
D. have been losing

6. Ram __________ good French because he had been studying for several years.
A. spoke
B. had spoken
C. has spoken
D. had been speaking

7. By the end of the year, she__________ with a degree in business.
A. will graduate
B. has already graduated
C. will have already graduated
D. already graduates

8. Next month we __________ our 5th wedding anniversary.
A. will be celebrated
B. will have been celebrating
C. will be celebrating
D. will celebrate

1. The colours on the flag of England are __________
A. blue, white
B. white, red
C. blue, red
D. white and green

2. Tickled pink means:
A. Very angry
B. Sad
C. Very happy
D. Coward, not brave

3. Once in a ‘blue moon’ means ____________.
A. very rarely
B. very often
C. too often
D. sometimes

4. I was ___________ when I heard that she would be going to London for a month while I had to stay and work.
A. green with envy
B. red with envy
C. black with envy
D .white with envy

5. The new stereo that he bought is __________ and he doesn’t need it at all.
A. a grey elephant
B. a white elephant
C. a blue elephant
D. a green elephant

6. To ‘feel off colour’ is __________.
A. not to be understandable
B. to be plain, clear
C. to be invisible
D. not to feel well

7. A feeling of sadness that some women experience after they have given birth to a baby is called __________
A. baby tears
B. baby blues
C. blue baby
D. newborn blues

8. Describes a job that is traditionally done by a woman __________.
A. blue-collar
B. white-collar
C. green-collar
D. pink-collar

1. If a church has the name St. Mary's the nearest pub is traditionally called
A. The Star
B. The Moon
C. The Holly Night
D. The Holly Inn

2. The second biggest city in UK is.................
A. Liverpool
B. Belfast
C. Birmingham
D. Manchester

3. The highest mountain, the Ben Nevis, is in.................
A. England
B. Wales
C. Northern Ireland
D. Scotland

4. What is Loch Ness?.................
A. river
B. lake
C. hill
D. harbor

5. The The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was established as a sovereign state on 1 January,

A. 1701
B. 1660
C. 1801
D. 1881

6. When is Boxing Day?..............

A. 23 December
B 24 December
C. 25 December
D. 26 December

7. Traditional Scottish dish eaten on Burns Night is?.................
A. Shepherds' Pie
B. haggis
C. Yorkshire Pudding
D. Toad-in-the-Hole

8. The most popular kind of British beer is
A. bitter and dark, served at room temperature
B. bitter and light, served very cold
C. made of honey and pepper
D. made of garlic and malt


A man who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth has always been:
A. Wise
B. Rich
C. Hungry
D. Happy

Angling is another name for

A. bowling
B. fishing
C. boat racing
D. polo

Hadrian's Wall, a stone wall barrier built to separate the Romans and the Picts tribes is in

A. Wales
B. Ireland
C. England
D. Scotland

While watching the tennis tournament in Wimbledon the visitors traditionally eat

A. strawberries and cream
B. apple pies
C. wedges
D. panini

Britain’s national bird is

A. raven
B. robin
C. lark
D. swollen

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