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Dział: Języki obce

Brain teasers and riddles

1. If you had five mango and two bananas in one hand and two mango and four bananas in the other hand. What would you have?
2. Why is 6 so much afraid of 7 ?
3. Who is silent in the parliament?
4. Why are televisions attracted to people ?
5. Triplets (Neha , Bandini & Shivani) were born in August but their birthday is in December. How come ?
6. What do you call a fish without an eye?
7. Doctor Harish and a bus driver Manish are both in love with the same woman named Priyanka. The bus driver need to go for a long trip of 10 days. Before he left he gave Priyanka 10 apples. Why?
8. According to famous saying "Two's company, and three's a crowd " then what's four and five ?
9. What part of the Turkey has the most feathers ?
10. The Little ant seems to be always confused. Do you know why?
11. Why heat is consider faster than cold ?
12. Steffi works in a sweet shop has a measurement of 36-24-36 is 5'8" tall. She wear size '8' shoes. What do you think she weighs ?
13. Why did the beautiful girl throw the butter out of the window ?
14. There is something who can catch but can't throw ?
15. Ten men were in a boat on the river Ganga. The boat turns over, and all men sink to the bottom of the river, yet not a single man got wet ! Why?
16. I can make the number one gone by adding something to it. Can you ?
17. If "7D of a W" => 7 days of week, what's "64s On C B" stand for?
18. Mr Orange Lives in the orange house.
Mr Beige Lives in the beige house.
Mr Voilet Lives in the voilet house.
Mr Cream Lives in the cream house.
But do you know why Mr White does not live in Whitehouse?
19. What does below rebus puzzle means?
20. Sam Winchester goes to buy something for his house at the neaby hardware store. He asks the price from the hardware owner and the owner replied : "If you buy one it will cost you 10$ and if you buy fifty it will cost you 20$". Sam asked what if I buy 987. The owner replied it will cost you 30$. Why is Sam buying 987 and what's kind of the pricing is this all about?
21. A Girl leaves home and then take three right turns. The girl wants to return to the home, but she was feared of the girl with the mask. Explain the girl situation?
22. John Walters was found drowned dead yet not wet. How come?
23. Five girls were seen struggling while trying to get under the same small umbrella and yet, all five of them managed to remain dry completely? How can it be true?
24. Dean Winchester has got a long wooden stock of size 60 feet, he need to cut small stock of size 1 feet long using his axe. He takes 5 minutes to cut one small stock (1 feet), how long will he take to make 60 such small stocks?
25. I live in a one story house made up of red brick. My house is the location near the equator. My house is in England. What is the color of my stairs?
26. The father of a driver's son is sitting with the son of the driver without the driver actually being in the car. What sorcery is this?
27. It was the first day of the college when a young girl was found dead on the college premises. The police narrowed down four suspects.
1. The Dean: He claims he was in his office whole day.
2. Maths Teacher: She claims that she was giving her students grades.
3. Peon: He claims that he was bringing the mails.
4. Mathew: He claims he was cleaning the roof of the college.
Who was the murderer?
28. A woman is approaching a green land with no trees in vicinity. Now, she has a package with her which must be opened before reaching the green land. If somehow, she fails, she will die. What is there in the package that must be opened?
29. Eight Brothers lives in an old house where there is no electricity and no computers or any any other gadget.
Brother-1: Reading Comics
Brother-2: Playing Chess
Brother-3: Writing
Brother-4: making food for the family
Brother-5: sleeping and snoring
Brother-6: cleaning house
Brother-7: watering the plants
What is Brother-8 doing ?
30. Assuming I have an infinite supply of coins. What is the fewest number of coins would be required in order to make sure each and every coin touched exactly three other coins.
31. Adam tells that Brian always lies. Brian says that Cody always lies. Cody says that Adam as well as Brian always lies. Now we tell you that only one of them speaks the truth. Can you find out who is the one who speaks it?
32. On a windy rainy night , I was driving in my car. When i reach the bus stand , i see three people waiting for the bus.
1. An old lady who needs an immediate medical attention
2. My Best Friend
3. Girl whom i love from childhood
My car is a two seater, so can you tell me , what i have done in this situation ?
33. It becomes wetter, the more it dries. What is it?
34. I have four wheels and flies. What am I ?
35. If you share me, you won't have me. Who am I ?
36. Which city is three fifth of China, two sixth of Canada and two third of Goa ?
37. I have hands but I cannot clap. Who am I ?
38. Can you tell us an English word which contains of all the five vowels (a, e, i, o, u) ?
39. Can you name a 9 letter word having only one vowel in it ?
40. I always comes but never arrives. What Am I ?
41. Can you tell me? What occurs twice in a week, once in a year, but never in a day?
42. Can you tell me a 3 letters word that will change a girl into a woman
43. Which animal is hidden in the rebus below?
(a picture of a bone) - 1 + (a picture of an ear) = ?
44. Can you guess what does below rebus means ?


45. Decipher the rebus below


46. Can you solve below cipher puzzle ?

9:35 p.m.

47. Can you solve the picture rebus below ?


48. Solve Rebus



1. Very large hands.
2. Because seven was hungry and 'seven ate nine' (7, 8, 9).
3. The Letter 'A' is silent in the parliament.
4. Because, people turn them on.
5. August is a town
6. fsh, because: no eye => no i => fish -i => fsh
7. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
8. Nine :)
9. The Outside
10. Because all his uncles are aunts
11. Heat because you catch cold but not heat
12. Sweets
13. Because she wanted to see the butterfly (butter+fly)
14. Cold
15. Because they were all married and not single.
16. Yes, by adding 'G' to 'One' => G + One => Gone
17. 64 Squares on Chess Board.
18. Because president lives in it.
19. One In Million
20. 987 is Sam house number. Pricing is simple 10$ for each number.
21. She was playing baseball.
22. He was drowned in the quicksand.
23. It can surely be true because it is not mentioned that it was raining.
24. 295 minutes. Explanation: When he cut 59 stocks, the 60th stock will remain. 59 * 5 = 295 minutes.
25. No stairs, It's a one story building.
26. The driver is actually the wife and mother.
27. Maths Teacher. Explanation: How can she give grades on the 1st day of the college?
28. The package comprises of the parachute which is tied to her back while she is diving free in the air. If she doesn't open that, she will hit the land and will die.
29. Playing chess. Game needs two players so Brother-8 is playing chess with Brother-2
30. Four; three placed flat on the table in a triangle(touching each other) and put the fourth one on top of them in the middle.
31. Brian is the one who speaks truth. Explanation: Adam is lying about Brian. Also Cody Is lying since Brian does not lie. Thus Brian is the one speaking truth. Any other combination will fail to come out true.
32. The old lady of course. After helping the old lady into the car, I give the car keys to my best friend.
And then I go in the bus with child love
33. It is a towel.
34. I am a Garbage Truck
35. I am a secret.
36. Chicago
37. I am a Clock
38. Unquestionably
39. Strengths
40. Future / Tomorrow
41. letter E
42. Age
43. Bear. Explanation: Bone - one + ear = B + Ear => Bear
44. I am surrounded by the enemies.
45. Over My Dead Body
46. Once upon a time
47. I understand
48. end up behind bars; EXPLANATION: Check that the word "END" is spelled in an upward direction behind three occurrences of the word "BAR".

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