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Numer: 28509
Dział: Języki obce

Test konkursowy z języka angielskiego

Część gramatyczna.

1. Zaznacz właściwą odpowiedź.

1 _______________ Lin and Tanya from America ?
a) Do b) Is c) Are d) Be
2 A: _______________ is that girl? B: My sister Rose.
a) Who b)Whom c) What d) Which
3 A: _______________ open space is there? B: Lots of.
a) How much b) How many c) Which d) What
4 These are _______________ mobile phones.
a) they b) them c) theirs d) their
5 She has got a budgie. _______________ name is Broody.
a) It’s b) It c) Its d) It is
6 Do you really like _______________?
a) he b) him c) his d) himself
7 My mum usually has lunch _______________ midday.
a) in b) for c) at d) to
8 Sue’s birthday is _______________ autumn.
a) on b) to c) in d) at
9 I was born.... 12th May 1999.
a) on b) to c) in d) at
10 Marisa has never ______ to Japan.
a) be b) been c) is d) was
11 We have got _______________.
a) foot and hair b) foots and hairs c) feet and hair d) feets and hairs
12 Sally enjoys______________.
a) swim b) to swimming c) swam d) swimming
13 A: What _______________? B: She’s a secretary.
A: do she b) is she doing c) does she do d) she does
14 A: _______________ do you watch TV? B: Every day.
a) How much b) How often c) How many d) Why
15 Is there a car park near here? No, _______________.
a) it isn’t b) there aren’t c) there isn’t d) they aren’t

16 They haven’t got _______________ butter for breakfast.
a) many b) some c) a d) any
17 I _______________ at a party last Saturday.
a) were b) are c) was d) be
18 They go to school _______________ underground.
a) in b) with c) on d) by
19_____ you meet your grandma three days ago?
a)Do b) Are c) Did d)Were
20 Jack’s _______________ boy in our class.
a) taller b) the tallest c) tallest d) tall
21 We are _______________ they are.
a) as intelligent b) the most intelligent
c) more intelligent d) more intelligent than
22 I _______________ John yesterday.
a) see b) saw c) seed d) am seeing
23 My friends _______________ their grandparents next week.
a) go to visit b) am going visit c) go visiting d) are going to visit
Część kulturowa
Zaznacz jedną z podanych odpowiedzi.

1. The capital city of the UK is .....
a) Washington b)Cardiff
c) London d) England
2. The money of Australia is ....
a) £ b) $ c)AUS$ d) €
3. Number 10 Downing Street is the address of .......
a) Prime Minister b) President c) Queen d) Minister
4.The money of Great Britain is ....
a) euros b) dollars c)rupees d) pounds
5. Kangaroos and dingoes are popular in .....
a) Australia b) Poland c) Wales d) Scotland
6.The tube is a ..... in London.
a) mean of transport b) museum c) station d) telephone
7. ............ is the capital of Australia.
a) Melbourne b) Canberra c) Sydney d) New York
8. Down Under is the informal name of...
a) Australia b) Big Ben c) London d) Cardiff
9. Sydney has the famous .....
a) National Museum b) Aquarium c) Opera House d) Tower Bridge
10. Nicole Kidman is an .............. actress.
a) Australian b) American c) Scottish d) English
11. Melbourne is popular amongst ..... players.
a) football b) basketball c) golf d) tennis
12. In Britain people drive on the .......
a) same side as in Poland b)left c)right d) middle of the road
13. Australia's head of state is the .....
a) British monarch b) President c) King d)Prime Minister
14. The native Australians are called.....
a) the Aborigines b) the Europeans c) the Indians d) the farmers
15. Australia is formed by..... states.
a) four b) six c) eight d)fifty

16. The British flag is called the ...
a) National b) Saint George c) Union Jack d) Blue and Red
17. Australia was discovered by .... and became the British colony.
a) James Cook
b) Christopher Columbus
C Ferdinand Magelan d) Amerigo Vespucci
18. ...... is not very popular sport in Australia.
a) Sailing b) Swimming c) Skiing d) Cricket
19. New South Wales is one of the states in ...
a) the USA b) the UK c) England d) Australia
20. Uluru is the name of the...
a) mountain b) river c) lake d) desert

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