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CLIL lesson How to describe appearance and personality of the people using Olga Boznańska’s pictures

-describe the people’s appearence and characters to learn more words
Level: pre-intermediate
1.The students in groups translate the texts, the teacher corrects the information.

The most famous Polish modernist painter Olga Boznańska (1865-1940)
1)Olga Boznańska's exhibition in Warsaw
From March to April in 2015, the National Museum in Warsaw hosted a retrospective on the works of painter Olga Boznańska. One of the artist's most famous paintings, "Girl with Chrysanthemums", was given pride of place in this exhibition , as it has just been restored thanks to the BNP Paribas Foundation's "BNP Paribas for Art" programme with the support of the Fundacja BNP Paribas in Poland.
An important figure in modernist painting, Olga Boznańska (1865-1940) set herself apart through the evocative power of her works, which left an indelible mark on the period. The daughter of a Polish father and French mother, she grew up in Kraków, studied fine art in Munich and moved to Paris, where she began a brilliant career as a portrait painter. Her works are distinguished by their harmonious palettes and the elegance.
She was a portrait painter, anyway portraits brought her the greatest fame. She worked mainly in the studio. A common theme of her paintings are inside of the studio or the views from the windows. She put a small paint brush and waited until it will dry. This method ensured that its range will give an impression of not "dirty" (despite the use of shades of gray and dark brown). Already during their stay in Munich she decided not to overlap the finished image with varnish. Over time, she often instead of painting on canvas, painted on a slightly primed cardboard, making it obtained dullness, which allowed her to sophisticated color effects.
3)"Girl with Chrysanthemums"
Her major work, "Girl with Chrysanthemums", marked the high point of the Franco-Polish painter's artistic development. In the words of Swiss art critic William Ritter, "It is an enigmatic child that will drive mad those who scrutinise her for too long."
Today, this painting has been returned to its original radiance through restoration work carried out in the Kraków museum's studios over the last few months.
4)Work of restoration on Boznanska's painting
The project is part of the "BNP Paribas for Art" programme launched 20 years ago by the BNP Paribas Foundation. Thanks to this programme, more than 200 artworks or groups of artworks have been restored since 1994, including 15 collections of international museums.
5)The teacher shows the pictures:
In orangery (W oranżerii),
Portrait of a young woman with a red umbrella(Portret młodej kobiety z czerwoną parasolką ),
Portrait of a woman in the armchair (Pani w fotelu),
Just come back from a little walk (Ze spaceru),
The portrait of Franciszek Mączyński,
The portrait of Paul Neuen,
Autoportrait with a Japanese umbrella,
Maternity ( Macierzyństwo)
2.The teacher asks students for describing the pictures, corrects their answers, enters new words.
3.At the end of the lesson, the teacher presents words connected with the class material in a computer program Wordle, the students revise the material.
4.The students answer the questions in summation of the lesson, the teacher corrects the information.
5.The students and the teacher complete the evaluation forms to learn more about the lesson.

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