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Sects - reading comprehension


Sects are defined as groups which break off from a denomination and establish a new religion. Most of them have certain characteristics or maintains that he is a superior being having some unique relationship with God. The members of sects considers themselves as the elite and regard other people as corrupt, perverese and demoralized.
Sects are viewed as one of the greatest dangers of the contemporary world. They usually recruit sensitive youths who are in a state of depression or in some critical situation and lavish their care upon them. The technique they use is called ‘love bombing’. They next stage is ‘ brain-washing’ by manipulating, indoctrinating, incapacitating and exerting a strong psychological pressure on the prospective members. In the process of time, many young people break with families and old friends, and join a sect. Separated from the outer world, they live under the constant control of the sect and quickly lose their own personality. They become robots that are unable to take any decisions about their life or actions. They are deprived of basic rights and have to do everything they are told by their guru. Their everyday life is filled with work, meditation and pseudoreligious practices. They are usually forbidden to watch television, read books, attend school or even consult a doctor.
Although most members of the sect really believe that living in a community is the only way to self-realization, happiness and salvation, some of them cannot bear the harsh regime and decide to commit suicide. Those who manage to return to ‘normal’ society are usually spiritually and emotionally crippled.


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