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Dział: Języki obce

Work - tematy maturalne

What is your dream job?
What are the good sides of being an executive?
Do your parents enjoy their occupation?
Would you like to work abroad for a period of time?
Would you like to run your own business?
Is it a good idea to work flexible hours or do you prefer regular hours?
Would you rather be paid weekly or monthly?
What are the advantages/ disadvantages of working in an office/ working from home?
What’s the most rewarding job?
What job do you find most stressful? Why?
Is it easy to find a well-paid job nowadays?
What profession do you find least interesting? (most responsible)
What do you consider the most important thing about a job?
What kind of job would you never like to do?
Would you like to be in charge of a big company?
What do you think is better to be an empoyer or employee?
Do you find that students should work during summer holidays?
Do you consider yourself a hard-working person?
What is the best way of finding a job?
Are there many unemployed people in your country?
What do you think is the best age to start work?
Would you like to be a teacher?
Is career important to you?
Do you like team work or do you usually work on your own?
Do you think that you have to speak a foreign language to get a good job?
Which is more important: education or experience?
Do you think that people who study abroad have a better chance of getting a good job?
What job do you consider most dangerous?
What qualifications are most important on the job market these days?
What personal characteristics / qualities do you need to be successful?
Why do people go on strike?
Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?
Would you like to earn money by singing?
What jobs may disappear in the future?
What are the consequences of being unemployed?
Tell me about the last time you or someone you know .....
was fired
was looking for a job / found a new job
prepared for / went to a job interview
worked as a waiter/ babysitter/ did physical work / volunteered

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