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Numer: 15415
Dział: Języki obce

Tematy wypowiedzi ustnych - speeches. Język angielski - poziom gimnazjum - liceum

1. Where do you live? House or flat? Where? What is it like? How long have you been living there? Who do you live with? Do you get on well? Describe your living space (your room or rooms etc.). What housework do you have to do and how often? How do you feel about it? Do you like it? Why / not? What causes problems at home? Who do you argue most with? What about?
2. Your school days. Your best and worst subjects – why? Is school necessary? Is it well organised? What would you change about the Polish educational system? The perfect school. The perfect teacher.
3. Real friendship - does it exist? A real friend - what should this person be like? Where, when and in what circumstances did you meet your best friend? Do you believe it is possible to stay friends despite the distance of space and time? Have you got and friends, whom your family or other friends find hard to accept? Why? Has any friend ever let you down? How did it happen?
4. Describe your average day.
5. Reading. Do you like reading? What book are you reading now? Do you like it? Why / not? What is your favourite book? What kinds of books do you like best? What kinds of books do you dislike? Why? What do you think is the most difficult thing while writing a book? Do you prefer books, comics or magazines? Why? Your favourite magazine?
6. Your plans for the future. What job would you like to do and why? Describe all the way you would have to go from elementary school to getting this job, the schools, courses, degrees etc. What qualities would be helpful in getting this job? What qualities would disturb or prevent doing it? Which helpful qualities have you got and which do you still have to acquire (or learn)? Describe yourself in 20 years’ time.
7. How do you spend weekends? Do you have enough to do? What do you usually do? Do you have enough time? What was your best weekend? Describe it. Where in the TriCity would you take a person from abroad? Name shops, restaurants, places of interest, monuments, recreation sites etc. Give your reasons.
8. Pets. Why do people keep animals? List the possible advantages and disadvantages of having a pet. Which animals make good pets? Do you know anybody who has any unusual pets? Have you got any pets? If so – describe. If not – why not and what pets would you like to have and why? A couple of years ago people around the world started keeping tamagochi – little electronic pets. Do you think they are real pets? Why / not?
9. List the advantages and disadvantages of living in: a big city, a small town and a village. Where would you like to live and why?
10. List the advantages and disadvantages of: being the only child, having a brother or sister and living in a big family. What family would you like to have in the future and why?
11. Why is it important to know foreign languages? List all possible advantages of knowing foreign languages. What languages can you speak? Which languages would you like to learn and why? Do you enjoy learning languages? What do you find the most difficult in language learning? What are your favourite methods of learning?
12. Dreams and nightmares. Have you ever had a dream you’ll never forget? Describe it. Do you believe in dream - interpretation? Do you know anybody who explains dreams? Do you know the meaning of any symbols on dreams? Has any of your dreams come true? How?
13. Your hobbies, your way of spending free time. What is the best way of spending it? Have you got enough spare time?
14. Review of a book or film you have read / seen lately. Author / director, characters / actors, action – describe and justify your opinion.
15. Describe a person – the way he/she looks, their interests, occupations, family, character etc.
16. Have you ever had a nightmare of a holiday? Describe it. Do you prefer spending holidays in Poland or abroad? Why? Do you prefer having your holidays organised by a travel agency or would you rather plan them yourself? Why?

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