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Numer: 12551
Dział: Języki obce

"Czerwony Kapturek" - przedstawienie w języku angielskim

Little Red Riding Hood – simple drama

N: Once upon a time there lived a woman who had a beautiful little daughter. The girl was so kind that all the people liked her. She was wearing red cap so they called her Little Red Riding Hood.

Mother: Dear Little Red Riding Hood, your Grandma is ill.
LRH: Oh, poor, poor grandma.
M: She’s got a headache and temperature so she must stay in bed. She can’t go shopping and she has nothing to eat. I prepared a good cake and some orange juice for her. Now I want you to go and visit your grandmother.
LRH: Oh, really mum? Can I?
M: Yes, you can, because you are good, smart girl. But promise me not to talk to the wolf.
LRH: Ok, mum. La,la,la....

Wolf: Good morning my little girl!
LRH: Oh, good morning!
W: How are you?
LRH: I’m fine, thank you. And you?
W: I’m hungry. Very hungry. And I’ve got a stomachache. I must eat something. What have you got in your basket?
LRH: I’ve got a delicious cake anda bottle of juice for my grandma.
W: Oh, I hate it. I like meat. Fresh meat.
LRH: Sorry, I haven’t got any. Good bye poor little dog! La, la, la....

Grandma: Who is it?
W: It’s me. Your Little Red Riding Hood. Open the door grandma.
Grandma: It’s open. Come in my dear. Aaaaaaaaa...

W: Who is it?
LRH: It’s me. Your granddaughter – Little Red Riding Hood.
W: Come in dear.
LRH: How are you grandma?
W: Oh, not good at all. I’m so weak...
LRH: But grandma, you look strange. Why are your eyes so big?
W: To see you well.
RLH: And why are your ears so big?
W: To hear you well.
RLH: And why are your teeth so big?
W: To eat you!!!

Forester: Hands up you ugly beast!
W: What?
F: Hands up bad wolf!
W: What do you want from me?
F: Free Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother at once. If not...
W: What?
F: I’m going to kill you!
W: Oh, no. (cough) There is one. (cough) And another.
F: Ok, and now go out and I don’t want to see you any more.
LRH: Go away bad wolf!
G: And we are going to have some cake and juice together. Right?

N: This is the end of the story. Happy end as you can see. Bad wolf disappeared. Grandma was cured and Little Red Riding Hood lived happily with her mother.

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