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Numer: 11866
Dział: Języki obce

"Meet A Foreigner" - scenariusz lekcji


1. What’s your _______________?
2. Have you got a _______________?
3. Have you got any _______________?
4. How do you find _______________?
5. What do you think of _______________?
6. What’s _______________like?
7. What’s the most _________thing about ________?
8. Where do you _______________?
9. How often do you _______________?
10. When’s _______________?
11. What do you do when _______________?
12. Where did you _______________?
13. Who was your _______________?
14. What was your _______________?
15. What did you like least when _______________?
16. When was the first time you _______________?
17. When was the last time you _______________?
18. Have you ever _______________?
19. How many times have you _______________?
20. Are you going to _______________?
21. What are you going to _______________?

Your questions:

1. _________________________________________?
2. _________________________________________?
3. _________________________________________?
4. _________________________________________?
5. _________________________________________?

Title of activity: MEET A FOREIGNER
Type of activity: group work, pair work
Focus: revision of Yes/No and Wh- questions, mixed tenses (Present and Past Simple, Present Perfect, going to)
Level/Age group: pre-intermediate
Time: 45 minutes
Preparation: photocopy the worksheet one per pupil

Inviting a foreigner to class might prove an excellent way to make an English lesson an unforgettable experience for your students. It also gives them an opportunity to test their speaking and listening skills at the end of the school year as well as learn about another culture. This lesson is aimed to help your students feel confident speaking English in a real situation.

1. Introduce the topic of the lesson. Explain that the students are going to meet a foreigner whose culture is different from theirs. Ask the students to think of the things they want to learn about their guest focusing on his/her culture (language, traditions, holidays, food, school etc.) and his/her impressions of their country.
2. Distribute the worksheets. Give the students 15 min. to complete the questions, encourage them to brainstorm the ideas in groups of 3-4 students. Assist in providing language and ideas (if needed).
3. Go through the questions one by one correcting language and comparing ideas (drilling). Make sure the students correct the mistakes on their worksheets. Allow up to 15 min. for this activity.
4. Give the students 10 min. to practise the interview in pairs. Explain that the guest might want to ask them the same questions, so they better think of their answers in advance.
5. Homework: ask the students to think of 5 more questions that do not fit into the given structures.

Follow Up:

Before the meeting let the students decide which questions they are going to ask to avoid repetition. Ask the students to memorise or put down the guest’s answers so that they can write the guest’s profile for the class wallpaper. This can be done by students filling in a grid based on the students’ questions.

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