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Dział: Języki obce

What's the most important - performance in English

Klasy IV - VI

This is a story about two boys’ dfficult friendship. It wasn’t a long time ago, it wasn’t far but it happened here, maby in your village?

This is the beginning of this story.
School. Two boys are going through school hall. Another is standing at the wall. He is wearing poor.
Connor: Hello Josh!
Josh: Hello Connor!
J: What are you doing after school?
C: How about going to the cinema toogether?
J: Ok. Let’s go. Look at him. He took his clothes from a waste bin, probably.
They’re laughing.
J: His mobile is very old, it isn’t modern.
They’re starting kicking Mark’s schoolbag and laughing at him.
After school. Mark is very sad.
An angel appeared.
Angel: J must stop it! It couldn’t happen again.
The angel is thinking.
A: I’ll change Josh into cat. He will be able to see Mark’s difficult life.
After school both Josh and Connor are going home.
J: See you soon!
C: Bye!
Suddenly the angel appeared in front of Josh.
A: You must understand your mistakes. I’ll change you into cat.
Shat, shat be a black cat.!
Josh is changing into black cat.
Connor saw the cat and he started throw stones at him.
J: Watch out! J am Josh, your friend!
After few minutes Mark is going home.
Mark: What’s the beautiful cat! Are you hungry ? Go with me!
Mark lives with his mother in a small poor house. His mother doesn’t work but they have good hearts. Mark fed the black cat.
Josh: J was very cruel for him. I didn’t know that he is very good boy. I feel so stupid. J must help him.

I am a cat now. and I can smell very well and I can hear very well.
Mark goes with his new cat for a walking and fed him every day.
One day he met Connor who wants hit Mark but Josh defended him. They were really friend. The angel looked that and smiles.
The Mark’s and his mother’s house was wooden. One night the black cat saw, that so tired Mark’s mother fell asleep with a switched on candle. Suddenly the candle fell down on the floor and the house was in the fire. Josh started to shout.
J: Miau, miau, fire, wake up!
Mark and his mother woke up on time. The house and its habitant were rescued. They were very thanks full for the cat.
The angel appeared again before Josh and said:
A: You understood your bad behaviour. You deserved for one more chance. Shen, shen, be a man.
Mark and his mother were very surprised when in front of them, instead of cat, stood
a boy.
J: I am very sory for my behaviour. I did a lot of mistakes. Be my friend. I ynderstood that the m

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