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Numer: 9001
Dział: Języki obce

Międzygimnazjalny Konkurs Czterech Gminazjów Języka Angielskiego - Reagowanie Językowe, I etap

I Zaznacz kółkiem właściwą reakcję na wypowiedź rozmówcy. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt. (maks. 30 pkt.)

1. What's wrong with Clive?

a. He got over his problem.
b. He's fed up with school.
c. He's better off.

2. When are you leaving?

a. As soon as possible
b. All of a sudden.
c. From time to time.

3. How may I help you?

a. I'm at your service.
b. I have an eye for clothes.
c. I'd like to join an evening class.

4. Why isn't Bill here?

a. He couldn't make it.
b. He went out of his way.
c. He’s shaking in his shoes

5.My brother got a part-time job in a fast food restaurant.

a. So got mine.
b. Mine got too.
c. Mine did too.

6. Have you ever been in a play?

a. Once in my lifetime.
b. It's something else.
c. In my free time

7. How did the performance go?

a. I made it clear.
b. I made a fool of myself.
c. I made ends meet.

8. I still can't manage to wake up early in the morning.

a. So can I
b. Neither can I
c. Either can I

9. How much are the apples?

a. There are 5 kilos.
b. They are 3 pounds per kilo.
c. There are many.

10. Anything else?

a. Yes, I’d love to go there, thanks.
b. I’m afraid I don’t have any.
c. Yes, I’d like some peanuts.

11. Excuse me, is there any coffee left?

a. I think it’s free.
b. Drink it to the last drop.
c. No, sorry.

12. I want to go camping alone.

a. By the way, it’s dangerous.
b. Don’t be silly! It’s dangerous.
c. Good idea. It’s dangerous.

13. You’re going on holiday soon, aren’t you?

a. Yes, I do.
b. That’s right.
c. Yes, the train is leaving.

14. Where do you work?

a. At the airport.
b. To the station.
c. I’m working on a project.

15. What are you doing these days?

a. I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow.
b. I’m revising for the exam
c. Yes, I’m back from Europe.

16. Do you want some milk?

a. Not at all.
b. Never mind.
c. No, thank you. I’m fine.

17. I don’t want to miss the bus.
a. Well, get a move on then.
b. Be my guest.
c. Let’s take a bus.

18. Have a nice trip and beware of thieves!
a. Don’t worry. I always look after my wallet.
b. Why? This area is safe.
c. I think it’s faster by plane.

I Zaznacz kółkiem właściwą reakcję na wypowiedź rozmówcy. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt. (maks. 30 pkt.)

19. Where do you live?

a. Opposite the school.
b. Go along this road and turn left.
c. It’s on the right.

20. I’ve finished my painting.
a. I can’t wait to see it!
b. Poor you!
c. But you are a winner.

21. Can I play computer games?
a. No, take your time.
b. Yes, she can.
c. No, don’t waste your time.

22. I’ve bought a new car.

a. I disagree.
b. It doesn’t make sense.
c. So what!

23. I’m so hungry!

a. I’m sick of junk food.
b. I’m overweight.
c. I’m starving too.

24. Let’s go for a walk.

a. I can’t believe it.
b. What’s going on?
c. I can’t. I have to keep an eye on my sister.

25. Hi, Jim. What’s all this luggage?

a. Tomorrow. I’m going to Portugal by plane.
b. I’m going on a trip around Europe.
c. Nothing serious.

26. What are your plans for tomorrow?

a. If the weather is good, you may play tennis.
b. If the weather is good, we’ll play tennis.
c. When the weather’s good, we enjoy playing tennis.

27. What could people do to produce less rubbish?

a. They needn’t recycle some of their rubbish.
b. They shouldn’t buy things they don’t need.
c. They could reduce air pollution.

28. Answer the phone, will you?

a. All right.
b. Anyway, it’s no problem.
c. OK, in a minute.

29. I think snails are excellent.

a. So does my husband, but I can’t stand them.
b. I have yoghurt.
c. But they say it’s delicious.

30. I’m sorry I didn’t do the housework.

a. Never mind.
b. Hardly ever.
c. Get away with it.

II Uzupełnij trzy dialogi wyrażeniami (A - J). Jedno z nich podane zostało dodatkowo. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 2 punkty. (maks. 18 pkt.)

A You read my mind.
B Can I borrow your mobile?
C Forget it.
D Not at all
E Believe it or not, I don’t know how to use it
F Guess what?
G Could you show me?
H Let's go for a swim.
I What's he like?.
J Are you kidding?
Dialogue 1
Tom Jerry! (1) __________
Jerry What?
Tom We've got a new PE teacher.
Jerry Really? (2) __________
Tom I don't know but he played volleyball for England once.
Jerry (3) __________
Tom No, Mr Mixer told us.
Dialogue 2

Lucy Hey Penny! (4) __________
Penny (5) __________But where?
Lucy How about Sunrise Beach?
Penny (6) __________It's too far away.
Lucy Come on! We can take the bus.
Penny OK.

Dialogue 3

Sam (7) ____________ I have to call Susan.
Rob Sure. There you go.
Sam Thanks.
Rob No problem.
Sam Erm... (8) ____________ Mine's quite different. (9) ____________
Rob Certainly. It's very easy.

III Dobierz parami pytania 1-7 z odpowiedziami (A-H). Jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 2 punkty. (maks.14 pkt.)

1. Have you got enough money?
2. Has anything caught your eye?
3. What's wrong with you?
4. Is this shirt on sale?
5. Did you pay £100 for those theatre tickets?
6. Do you still play rugby?
7. Do you mind my opening the window?

A Yes, from time to time
B No, I'm two pounds short.
C Yes, there's a 20% discount.
D I was injured in the last race
E Yes, this belt is very nice
F No, not at all.
G Well, here is your chance.
H I did, and they were worth every penny

IV W podanych niżej dialogach uzupełnij brakujące słowa (drukowanymi literami).
W każdym brakującym wyrazie podano już jedną literę. Uwzględnij ją w odpowiedzi. Każdemu podkreśleniu odpowiada jedna litera. Za każdy uzupełniony poprawnie wyraz otrzymasz 3 punkty. (max. 48 pkt.)

Dialogue 1 A: Hello. Tele Pizza .
B: Hello. I’d like to _ _ D _ _ something, please.
A: Okay. What would you like?
B: A V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pizza and some garlic bread, please.

Dialogue 2
A: I’ve bought this dress here last week.
When I washed it, the colour faded.
B: Oh, dear. Would you like a _ _ F _ _ _ ?
A: Yes, if _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ .

Dialogue 3
A: We’re going sailing. F _ _ _ _ joining us?
B: Sorry, I can’t. I’m waiting for Sue.

Dialogue 4

A: Is that dress new?
B: No, I have had it for _ G _ _.

Dialogue 5
A: What was Disneyland in Paris like?
B: _ _ _ T great!

Dialogue 6
A: Are you going to call Peter?
B: No, there is no P _ _ _ _.

Dialogue 7
A: Can you _ _ S _ me the ketchup, please?
B: Here you are.

Dialogue 8
A: We’ve _ _ N out of bread.
B: I know. I’ve got it on my shopping list.

Dialogue 9
A: There was a terrible fire at the factory yesterday.
B: _ O _ shocking!

Dialogue 10
A: What do you do?
B: I work in a supermarket.
A: Don’t you _ _ N _ working on Saturdays?
B: Not really.

Dialogue 11
A: How do you spend your weekends?
B: I go jet-skiing. I really _ _ _ _ Y it.
A: Isn’t it dangerous?
B: Yes, it is. But I love every _ _ _U_ _ of it.

Dialogue 12
A: How was Portugal like? Was it good?
B: Yes, it was very beautiful. I spent five days,
but it wasn’t long _ _ _ _ G _.

Dialogue 13
A: I’m sorry but there isn’t any milk _ _ F _ in the fridge.
B: Well, mineral water will do.
Za wykonanie wszystkich zadań możesz otrzymać maksymalnie 110 punktów.

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