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Numer: 47005
Dział: Języki obce

Working with children with readind difficulties. Referat w języku angielskim, edukacja wczesnoszkolna


Reading as a process of constructing meaning from written texts is a life skill which is fundamental to function in today’s society. It is condition of educational and occupational success. Children who have difficulty learning to read are less positive about their abilities, they become less self-confident. Reading problems can cause devastating consequences in their adulthood. So one of the fundamental goals at school is to introduce early identification, intervention and prevention programs to reduce a number of children suffering from reading failure.

To undertake a proper action the teacher should know the sources of reading disorders which come from heredity and environment. A problem with reading is complex and connected with such areas as: aural and visual perception, kinesthetic and spatial coordinate. Therefore, to recognize and identify reading problems, teachers or parents should mostly pay attention to particular symptoms like mistakes and disorder in above mentioned areas.

In order to adjust the best strategies of support for children with reading problems it is important to take into account the child’s ability to learn how to read and write - school maturity process which is connected with physical, mental, moral and social development. The knowledge of school readiness is crucial. The lack of any skills can be alarming. It should lead to prevention and introduction of the programs increasing the skill level to an average. The majority of children who start kindergarten and elementary school who are at-risk of reading failure usually have some laggings. In order to make the process of reading, children must at first develop manual skills, visual and aural perception. Any disorder in these areas should be corrected by effective strategies. Children who are struggling to read need prevention, early intervention, and individual program including suitable type of methods. The reading process can be hard because it includes a few components. Therefore, a good program needs to combine strategies in each area, such as: oral language, phonological and phonemic awareness, reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
A factor which plays a crucial role in helping students become better readers is a teacher who is well-trained and is able to apply appropriate methods and techniques. Making a friendly relationship is also important. The child needs to feel loved and appreciated as an individual, whatever his or her difficulties in school. Strong feedback is very important. Many primary schools have the system of supporting children with reading difficulties. It includes: compensation activities, school consellor, psychological help and library’s support.
Effective learning to read and supporting students with reading difficulties is an important aim at every primary school because without the ability to read well, opportunities for personal fulfillment and job success will not be possible. It is a cornerstone for a child's success in adulthood, and at the same time a huge contribution to society.
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