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Numer: 46347
Dział: Języki obce

Diagnoza poziomu języka angielskiego po klasie VI z kluczem

Diagnoza poziomu języka angielskiego po VI klasie SP

Imię i nazwisko: ________________________________
Suma punktów: ________________ / 50

I. Zaznacz prawidłową odpowiedź: A, B, C lub D. _______ / 20

1. She's got a lovely smile, ­_____________________?
a.) isn't she
b.) doesn't she c.) hasn't she
d.) has she

2. I must feed my______________________pets today.
a) brother's-in-law
b) brother-in-laws
c) brother-in's-law
d) brother-in-law's

3. Could you tell me ___________________________?
a.) where the nearest post office is
b.) where is the nearest post office
c.) where the nearer post office is
d.) where nearest post office is

4. We haven't seen each other ­_______________ New Year's Eve.
a) since
b) on
c) for
d) science

5. To prepare that dish you need ___________________________.
a) less sugar and fewer tomatoes
b) least sugar and fewest tomatoes
c) less sugar and less tomatoes
d) a little sugar and a little tomatoes

6. He's never ­______________________ a camel before.
a) rides
b) rode
c) ridden
d) riden

7. They _______________________around downtown all morning when the storm started.
a) wandered
b) were wandering
c) wander
d) was wandering

8. This model of the car is not________________________for me to buy it.
a) enough cheap
b) cheaper enough
c) cheap enough
d) the cheapest

9. Unless you _____________________now, you will miss the bus.
a) don't leave
b) left
c) leaved
d) leave

10. Is there ________________ cranberry juice left in the fridge?
a) any
b ) fewer
c) many
d) a few

11. It's so cold here that you ought to _____________on some warm clothes.
a) dress
b) take
c) get
d) put

12. Could you show me __________ jeans over there, please?
a) that
b) those
c) there
d) these

13. You've hurt yourself. Let me _____________a look at it.
a) have
b) taken
c) see
d) to have

14. You won't tell anyone else,__________________?
a) want you
b) don't you
c) will you
d) do you

15. She offered_______________________________with my dog after the movie.
a) to go for a walk
b) going for a walk
c) go for a walk
d) went for a walk

16. When I phoned him his younger brother __________me to leave a message.
b) said
c) told
d) announced

17. Swimming in this area _____________________ only when lifeguards are on duty.
a) is allowed
b) allows
c) allowed
d) alowed

18. Nobody saw the burglars __________________through the broken window.
a) entering
b) to enter
c) entered
d) enters

19. ___________ does she look like?
a) How
b) What
c) Whom
d) Whose

20. What would you like ___________________ for dinner tonight?
a) have
b) to had
c) having
d) to have

II. Przeczytaj tekst. Zakreśl jedną prawidłową odpowiedź ( A, B. C lub D). ______ / 5
Justin and Mary woke up early, even though they were spending their holidays at their uncle’s lake house. The night before, Uncle Thomas told them about the Foggy Figure that scares the lake. Justin and Mary were very keen to see the ghostly creature before their vacation was over.
“Is it foggy outside?” Mary asked, as Justin looked through the window.
“Yup! Let’s go!” Justin said.
It was only 5:00AM, so everyone else in the house was still asleep. As they went quietly through the kitchen to the back door, Mary breathed in the air. It smelt like coffee and something sweet. She followed Justin out the door, down the back steps, and out onto the boat dock. There was fog over the lake, making it impossible to see anything.
“Do you see anything?” Mary asked.
“Nothing. Do you think Uncle Thomas was just trying to scare us with that story?”
Uncle Thomas did have a good imagination. He’d been telling Justin and Mary stories for years, but this was the first scary story. Mary had a feeling it wasn’t made up.
Mary shook her head. “Remember what Uncle Thomas said? The Foggy Figure scares the lake. We’re on the dock. Maybe that’s why we can’t see him. The people in the story were in boats.”
“You want to go out on the water?” Justin asked.
Mary looked around, trying to find Uncle Thomas’s boat, but the fog was too thick.
“Mom and Dad will be really angry if we go out on the lake alone in this fog,” Justin said.
“Maybe we don’t have to go anywhere. We could sit in the boat. That won't be dangerous,” Mary answered.
“Okay.” Justin walked slowly toward the end of the dock. He could not even see the front side of the boat. “I’ll go first.” He carefully lowered himself into the boat and then reached for Mary’s hand.
Mary climbed into the boat and sat beside him. She was getting nervous now that they were on the water. “See anything?”
They looked around, and slowly, the fog began to lift. Mary turned around and screamed. “The Foggy Figure!” It was in the boat with them!
Justin and Mary hugged each other in fear, but then they heard a laugh. Justin moved slightly toward the Foggy Figure. “Uncle Thomas?”
“I knew that story would get you two out of bed early enough to take a boat ride with me.”
Mary was happy there was no Foggy Figure after all. Justin looked satisfied, too.
Uncle Thomas laughed. “What do you say? I packed a breakfast for us.”
Mary smiled. She had smelled coffee. And Uncle Thomas had packed pastries for them, too.
“Let’s do it,” Mary and Justin said.

Adapted from ‘Foggy Figure”, Kelly Hashway
1. When does this story take place?
a very early in the morning
b in the middle of the night
c in the evening
d after their vacation is over

2. Uncle Thomas told Justin and Mary stories about
a a foggy figure that scared campers in tents.
b a foggy figure that scared Uncle Thomas.
c a foggy figure on the lake.
d real creatures that lived deep below the lake's surface.

3. When Justin and Mary left the house everyone
a was awake.
b was still sleeping.
c was taking a nap.
d knew where they were going.

4. Why didn't Justin and Mary take the boat out on the lake alone?
a They were too scared.
b The boat engine wouldn't start.
c They did not have any paddles.
d They thought their parents would be mad.

5. Finally Mary and Justin were _______________they didn't see the Foggy Figure.
a disappointed
b annoyed
c happy
d terrified

III. Zapytaj o podkreśloną część zdania ______ / 6
1. _________________________________________________________?
This is Mark's mobile phone.
2. ____________________________________________________________ ?
We've lived here for seven years.
3. _________________________________________________________ ?
All evening she was dancing with Tom.
4. __________________________________________________________ ?
We were in Paris last month.
5. ______________________________________________________________ ?
She usually finishes her work at 7 p.m.
We are looking after their children this afternoon.

IV. Uzupełnij zdania poprawną formą czasownika w nawiasie _____/ 10

1. Our plane__________________________ (take) off at 6 a.m. tomorrow.
2. So far I ______________________(save) 500 dollars.
3. She enjoys__________________(sunbathe) during her days off.
4. How often _____________________________ ( he / lay ) the table for dinner?
5. While they _____________________(read) tabloids she entered the living room.
6. If the weather is fine, we ____________________ (have) a picnic.
7. My sister ______________________ (be) to Greece four times.
8. Why__________________________ (you/ not /talk) to him yet?
9. Look at that boy! He _________________(draw) graffiti on the walls of this building.
10. Last year they ________________(spend) their holidays in Spain.

V. Uzupełnij zdania brakującym słowem. Ilość kresek odpowiada ilości liter. ______ / 9

1. I've got a terrible t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . I need to see the dentist immediately.
2. She also plays the v _ _ _ _ _ because she attends Music School.
3. According to the t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the train to Warsaw leaves in 20 minutes.
4. A s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is a very tall building with many storeys.
5. Their team won the m_ _ _ _ and defeated the opponent 2-0 .
6. Let me i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ myself. My name is Mike.
7. Can I have a double room with a b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for two nights?
8. It's sad in November when all l _ _ _ _ _ fall off the trees.
9. They took a lot of p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ during their holidays in Mexico.


Zad. 1.
1) c 2) d 3) a 4) a 5) a 6) c 7) b 8) c 9) d 10) a
11) d 12) b 13) a 14) c 15) a 16) c 17) a 18) a 19) b 20) d

Zad. 2
1) a 2) c 3) b 4)d 5) c

1. Whose mobile phone is this?
2. How long have you lived here?
3. Who was she dancing with all evening?/With whom was she dancing all evening?
4. Where were we last month?
5. What time/When does she usually finish her work?
6. Who is looking after their children this afternoon?

Zad. 4
1. takes
2. have saved
3. sunbathing
4. does he lay
5. were reading
6. will have/are going to have/are having
7. has been
8. Haven't you talked/have you not talked
9. is drawing
10. spent

Zad. 5
1. toothache
2. violin
3. timetable
4. skyscraper
5. match
6. introduce
7. bathroom
8. leaves
9. photographs

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