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Zdalne nauczanie: AI in fight with coronavirus - praca nad tekstem

I.Read the article: ‘How Baidu is bringing AI to the fight against coronavirus’ at:
and match the following words to their Polish equivalents:

1 leverage A segmentacja semantyczna
2 augment B matrycowy
3 contagious C zmiany chorobowe
4 vaccine D oceniać
5 linear E zgodny
6 homologous F liniowy
7 messenger G wykorzystać
8 gauge H szczepionka
9 lesions I zakaźne
10 semantic segmentation J zwiększyć

II. Complete the following sentences with the words from activity I.

contagious gauge leverage lesions semantic segmentation vaccine messenger linear homologous augment

1. He said it was too early to _____ the impact.
2. About 25 percent of these patients will also develop skin_____.
3. _____ refers to the process of linking each pixel in an image to a class label including a person, car, flower or a piece of furniture.
4. Everyone's familiar with cancer, but we don't normally think of cancer as being a _____ disease.
5. Such structures are described as _____ and suggest a common origin.
6. By fishing out all this _____ RNA, scientists can tell which genes are active.
7. Why not _____ the learnings that you've been learning your entire life?
8. It is our duty and responsibility to conserve and _____ these reserves.
9. There is no evidence that varicella _____ virus is excreted in breast milk.
10. And of course fences around the world are all Cartesian, all strictly_____.
III. Match the words from exercise I. to their English synonyms.
1 leverage A estimate
2 augment B informative
3 contagious C impairment
4 vaccine D image classification at a pixel level
5 linear E compatible
6 homologous F analog
7 messenger G increase
8 gauge H benefit from
9 lesions I contractible
10 semantic segmentation J inoculation
IV. Read the article: ‘How Baidu is bringing AI to the fight against coronavirus’ at:
and decide if the following sentences are true-T, false-F or ther is no such information in the text-DS (doesn’t say).

1. IT tools are essential to understand Covid-19 and share information about it.
2. Academic and medical bodies cooperate to create a vaccine against Covid-19.
3. Linearfold algorithm is a bit faster than traditional RNAfolding algorithms.
4. The analysis of the secondary structural changes between homologous RNA virus sequences always gives researchers the insight into how viruses spread across species.
5. Linearfold algorithm provides the fastest access to quick viral structural analysis shortening the time to create a potential mRNA vaccine.
6. One of the advantages of AI-powered, non-contact infrared sensor system used in Beijing’s Railway Station is that it doesn’t stop passenger flow.
7. Baidu brought out the industry’s first open-source model with accuracy of roughly 97.27% to detect if people in crowded places are wearing masks.
8. PaddlePaddle enables the usage of AI model for pneumonia CT image analysis to help clinicians detect and monitor the infections more effectively.
9. Baidu’s intelligent robocall platform gathers information which helps to track the spread of the coronavirus in some areas and promote medical preparedness from global perspective.
10. An automated HealthMap system was used mainly by The Boston Children’s Hospital to scan online news and social media reports.
V. V. Complete the text with proper verb forms.

Autonomous vehicles carry out non-contact tasks
Access to health care and resources at a moment’s notice is vital for 1. battle / battling / to battle the spread of the coronavirus. Autonomous vehicles are playing a useful role in 2. providing / provided / provide access to necessary commodities for health-care professionals and the public alike by 3. deliver / delivered / delivering goods in infected areas and disinfecting hospitals, effectively minimizing person-to-person transmission and alleviating the shortage of medical staff.
Apollo, Baidu’s autonomous vehicle platform, partnered with a local self-driving startup called Neolix to deliver supplies and food to the Beijing Haidian Hospital. With daily deliveries, this initiative is helping 4. feed / feeding / fed over 100 frontline staff members as they work 5. treat / to treat / treating their growing patient base. Baidu Apollo has also made its low-speed driverless micro-car kits and autonomous driving cloud services available for free to companies dedicated to 6. fight / fights / fighting the coronavirus.
Coronavirus and global connectivity

With new coronavirus hotspots emerging in Italy and Korea, government agencies and companies like Baidu are using AI in a variety of settings 7. reduce / to reduce / reducing peoples’ exposure and fast-track the virus’s containment. AI technology offers a versatile range of functions, allowing us to deeply 8. understand/ understanding / understands and predict the evolution of the coronavirus, providing rapid insights 9. to influence / influence / influencing public perception, expediting the development of potential vaccines, and offering aid to those infected as well as the thousands of medical professionals committed 10. to fight / to fighting / fight it. This outbreak has also showcased the scale and power of digital connectivity: People across the globe are building networks, sharing information, and collaborating online at a scale that is unprecedented in the history of viral epidemics.

I. 1 G, 2J, 3I, 4H, 5F, 6E, 7B, 8D, 9C, 10A
1. gauge
2. lesions
3. semantic segmentation
4. contagious
5. homologous
6. messenger
7. leverage
8. augment
9. vaccine
10. linear
III. 1H, 2G, 3I, 4J, 5F, 6E, 7B, 8A, 9C, 10D
IV. 1T, 2T, 3F, 4F, 5DS, 6T, 7F, 8T, 9F, 10DS
1. battling
2. providing
3. delivering
4. feed
5. to treat
6. fighting
7. to reduce
8. understand
9. to influence
10. to fighting

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