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Utrwalenie terminologii angielskiej dotyczącej budowy DNA i ekspresji genów

1. A specific sequence in DNA that determines traits is called:
B. A gene
C. A trait
D.A chromosome
2. How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have?
A. 46
B. 2
C. 0
D. 23
3. A mutation is:
A. A Unit of complex genes
B. A change in the genetic code
C. An animal
D. The Process of a cell reproducing itself
4. Place these in order from largest to smallest: cell, organ, gene, organ system, tissue, chromosome, body, organelles,DNA ........................................

5. What chromosomes do males have?
6. A phenotype is:
A. A Characteristics
B. A Trait
C. Physical appearance
D. A Gene
7. A gene determines inherited traits by carrying the information from parent to offspring.
A. True
B. False
8. How many Chromosomes do Humans have?
A. 45
B. 44
9. What is the name of the enzymes which cut DNA only at a specific sequences?
A. DNA Plymerases
B. Ligases
C. Restriction Enzymes
D. Modification Enzymes
10. The nucleotide that is found in RNA but not DNA is:
A. Adenine
B. Cytosine
C. Guanine
D. Uracil
11. Messenger RNA (mRNA) can be best described as:
A. A really cool way of rewriting RNA
B. The Atom that carries information to an RNA template
C. A Short lived RNA molecule that carries encoded information, transcribed from DNA.
D. A Chromosome that is only present in prokaryotes and is involved in DNA synthesis
E. A Molecule that has no life and is basically the news reporter of the cellular environment.
12. A Gene is:
A.A piece of clothing that is placed upon the bipedal legs of human.
B.A Chromosome Carrier
C.A Section of DNA that codes for a protein or RNA molecule.
D.A Regulatory Sequence
E.An Exon
13. Transcription is:
A.A word that teacher use to confuse the noodles out of people
B.The Synthesis of RNA from a DNA template
C.The Synthesis of proteins from information on a mRNA
D.The Synthesis of polydiester linkages from an Exon
14. A change in a gene is called:
A.Genetic engineering
B. A mutation
C. A pedigree
15. In chinchillas, grey fur (G) is dominat over white fur (g). What is the percentage of offspring that will have grey fur if a heterozygous dominant chinchilla is crossed with a homozygous dominant chinchilla?
16. Hemophilia is a sex-linked genetic disorder. Which statement best describes its inheritance pattern?
A.It is recessive in both males and females
B.It is recessive in males but dominant in females
C.It is recessive in females but dominant in males
D.It is dominant in both males and females

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