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Numer: 36291
Dział: Języki obce

Colours of the rainbow

Age/ Level: 5 years old / elementary
- to get to know the names of colours
- to practice pronunciation
- to encourage pupils to be active during the lesson
- to develop speaking skills
- lexical: colours vocabulary (red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue)
Assumed knowledge:
- pupils are interested in natural phenomenon such as the rainbow
- learners know the texts of the song: “Hello song”,
- pupils know rhymes: “Good-bye wishes”
- the learners can already know some names of colours
- learners sing the song
- learners know part of the face
Anticipated problems:
- some pupils may have problems with pronunciation of some words
- some pupils may not remember all names of colours
- pieces of papers
- cards with colours
- coloured crayons
- Bristol board
- dice with colours
- the picture of the rainbow (Apendix12)
- CD player
- CD with song: -“Hello song”(Apendix 10)
- Song:“I can sing a rainbow”(Apendix 11)
- Laptop
- overhead projector
- the Internet game “Clown’s face”
- access to the Internet website: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/word-games/paint-it/clowns-face
- Postcard with rhymes “Good-bye wishes”(Apendix13)

- Total Physical Response Method
- Helen Doron Method
- look and say
- listening and singing a song
- visuals (colourful dice, Internet games, colours cards)
- “Clown’s face” game
- “Good-bye wises” rhymes
Forms of work:
- individual
- group
Time: 30 min.

- Singing “Hello song” [APPENDIX 10]. (2 min)
- T calls out some colours and takes a coloured crayons and draws a rainbow arc on the Bristol board and says the names of the colours. The pupils repeat the names of colours aloud. (3min)
- T turns on the CD player with the song: “I can sing a rainbow” sings and shows the colours on the rainbow [APPENDIX11]. (2min)
- T gives P crayons with rainbow colours. Then learners listen to the song “I can sing a rainbow” [APPENDIX11]. While listen to the song children pick up the appropriate crayons according to the colours order presented in the song. Then learners listen to the song once again and they paint rainbow arcs [APPENDIX12] on sheet of paper using appropriate colour crayons. After they have completed their drawings they repeat aloud all the colours presented in the song.(8min)
- “Colourful game”
T hangs colourful sheets of paper around the classroom. T gives a special dice with draw of colours to two P. T takes two children - volunteers. Their task is to throw a dice and shout out the name of colours with dice. Everybody run to touch the sheet of paper with colour as soon as it is possible. (5min)
- T turns on the laptop, projector and the Internet connection. T reads the instructions of the game. Pupils get seven sheets of paper. Each card has other colour. Kids play the game. Lerners answer the question showing the selected coloured card and say the name of colours.(Colour his nose red!). T does all the actions on the laptop.(5min)
- T turns on CD player with song “I can sing a rainbow” [APPENDIX11 ]. All P take own rainbow sing and show colours presented in the song. While refrain their take up their rainbow and wave them. (3min)
- T hang postcard on the board and say with P “Good-bye wishes” [APPENDIX13].(2min)


This lesson was designed for 5 year-old learners. In this lesson visual techniques were applied. The learners had a chance to hear and at the same time see the new presented material. Total Physical Responses, Helen Doron method was also used. Young people could paint and make materials which their needs during the lesson (e.g. rainbow). Their also may run while showing colours. It was very natural for them. Internet game was very attractive for children.
To sum up, all the activities were very interesting and stimulating to the kids so they can not be bored and unwilling to learning. The pupils had a great fun.

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