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Common English Phrases - pisanie krótkich tekstów użytkowych w języku angielskim


* for postcards:

-I'm on (a school) trip to (Warsaw), the capital of (Poland)
-I'm spending my holiday (at the seaside/at the lake/ in the mountain/ in Spain...)
-This is my first/second/third day in (Warsaw), the capital of (Poland)
-It is (amazing/ historic/ marvelous/ magnificent/ fabulous/ incredible/ picturesque...)
-city/town/place with (lots of attractions/ breathtaking views/ showy gardens...)
-There aren't any/ very many (monuments/ ornamental buildings...) but...
-There are some/ a lot of/ only few (old buildings/ amusement parks...) so...
-The weather is...(gorgeous/windy/ blowy/ pretty fine ...)
-The food is (great/ really tasty/ delicious/ palatable/ eatable but not very tasty...) !
-The food looks (appetizing...) but (tastes awful/ is insipid/ flavorless/ unpalatable...)
-The people here are (really friendly/ kind/ obliging/ amiable/ well-mannered...)
Say hello to (the kids/ your sister...) for me.
-Give my love to (grandma/ little Sue...)
-I'm retu
-I’ve been enjoying all the sights.
-Every day there are many things to do
-I've caught the sun a bit.
-I visit all places of my interests.
-It's my best/worst holiday (abroad) ever.
-It's my (third/ fifth...) day (here / in Majorca/ at the seaside...)
-I'm having a (great/ wonderful/ lovely ...) time.
-Greetings from ...
-Wish you were here!
-You'd love this place (because...)
-There should be more places like this.
-I'm flying back on the (5th).
-I’ve only got ...(number)... days left.
-I've only got (three days/ a week...) to go.

* for invitations:

-I would like to invite you to (a charity concert...)
-I'm organizing (a surprise party...) for...
-I'm having (a 16th birthday party...) (next weekend/ in 2 weeks...)
-Please (come to my party/ join our club...)
-Please join us to celebrate (our 2nd wedding anniversary...)
-You're welcome to (come/ take part in...)
-The party will take place (at my house/ in Bob's garden...)
-The happening starts at (6 p.m.) and finishes at (11 p.m.)
-On (Friday..)(26 July..), from (5 p.m.) until (late/ midnight/ 2 a.m...)
-You can't miss it!
-No need to (look smart/ bring anything/ have a club card...)
-Please (bring some CDs/ take your outdoor games...)
-One thing we might need is (music for dancing/ ice for beverages..)
-Could you bring ... ? / It would be great if you could bring ...
-Join in the fun!
-We'll have a (great/ wonderful/ lovely ...) time!
-Hope to see you! / Hoping to see you there!
-Let me know if you can come.
-Please let me know by (Thursday...)
-Please confirm your coming.
-Come on time because...

* for announcements:

-Attention (please)! School notice/ To all students!/ Found! / Lost! / For sale!
-To all people (taking part in the competition...)
-To everyone who (is interested in music/ likes art...)
-I've lost (a silver watch/ my notebook with really important data...)
-I lost (my wallet...)(2 days ago/ last week...) with (some money/ a photo...) inside
-I'm looking for (my cat/ little dog...) which (escaped yesterday morning...)
-It's (quite big/ rather small...) with (leather strap/ yellow shield...)
-It looks like (new but is very old and important to me because...)
-It has great sentimental value for me. / It means a lot to me.
-The owner can phone me /number/ every day (after 2 p.m....)
-The owner will be asked to provide a few details about the lost thing
-The person who rings will have to give some information about the lost thing
-We are really sorry but (the competition/ the party...) must be cancelled
-Due to/ Because of (bad weather/ lack of interest...)(the trip) is cancelled
-(The school trip/ The concert...) will be rescheduled.
-The most probable date of (the trip/ concert...) is (20th May) at (3 p.m.)
-Please help me to find it!
-Thank in advance you for help.
-If found, please contact (me/ Mrs Brown...) on (123-456-789)
-Please give me a call under the following number: 123-456-789
-Please leave it (in the school canteen/ at the reception...)
Please phone after (10 a.m./ midday/ in the evenings...)
-Excellent/ Good condition / Rarely used
Finder will be rewarded. / 50 PLN reward
-You can (take part in... / join our chess club...)
-Come and join...
-If you're interested, call on.../ e-mail me at (xx@gmail.com)
-To sing up, contact (Mrs Brown/ our headmaster...)
-I'm ready to pay up to 200 PLN
-We inform you that ...

* for notes:

-Tom / Auntie Anne
-I’ll pop in (tonight/ at 9 p.m./ after work...)
-Sorry to bother you but could you (buy me 2 tickets/ borrow me some money...)?
-Please let me know (if you can do it/ if it is possible...)
-I hope (you can do it/ it won't too difficult/ you can manage on time...)
-Don't forget to/ Remember to (do the shopping/ iron my skirt...)
-I'm really sorry/ Sorry but (I had no time to prepare dinner...)
-If you are back at home, please (empty the bin/ make your bed...)
-If you can't (pick me up from the cinema...), please phone me at about (8.40)
-If you have some free time (go and do the shopping...)
-Please give me a call if you can't make it.
-Call me or text me (because.../ so that I can tell you about/ how to...)
-I didn't (do the washing...) because I had to... .
-Could you (put the plates into the washing machine...)?
-I have to stay longer (at work...). Don't wait for me (with dinner...)
-Don't forget about (your piano lesson/ vacuuming...)
-I'll be back (in 3 hours/ after 6 p.m....)
-(Matt/ Grandpa...) called (in the morning) to (invite you.../ ask you about...)
-Your friend asked me to pass you information (about.../ that...)
-I've gone to (the shop...) to (buy some bread...) / because (there was no bread...)
-I would be grateful if you could/would (pick me up at 7/ repair the dripping tap...)

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