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Dział: Języki obce

What do you know about London? - gimnazjalny konkurs wiedzy o Londynie

1. What is the name of the theatre in London, built in 1599, where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed? The copy of it was built in 1990s.
a) The Rose
b) The Globe
c) The Swan
d) The National Theatre

2. The biggest London river is called:
a) The Thames
b) The Severn
c) The Tees
d) The Trent

3. Nelson’s Column is situated in:
a) Hyde Park
b) The Tower of London
c) Trafalgar Square
d) Notting Hill

4. Famous symbols of London are:
a) yellow taxis and blue buses
b) black taxis and red buses
c) green taxis and green buses
d) colourful taxis and red buses

5. Double-deckers are:
a) beds made for two people
b) buses with two floors
c) Londoners
d) the Queen’s guards

6. The biggest British Airport situated near London is called:
a) Gatwick
b) Luton
c) Heathrow
d) Stansted

7. The most famous department store (shop) in London is:
a) The Tube
b) Harrods
c) Madame Tussaud’s
d) Covent Garden

8. The Crown Jewels are kept in:
a) The Tower of London
b) Buckingham Palace
c) Westminster Abbey
d) The Houses of Parliament

9. Where does the British Prime Minister live?
a) at 221b Baker Street in London
b) at 10 Oxford Street in London
c) in The Houses of Parliament in London
d) at 10 Downing Street in London

10. A Frenchwoman who set up the museum of wax figures was:
a) Margaret Thatcher
b) Madame Tussaud
c) Jane Austin
d) Audrey Hepbourn

11. Europe’s biggest street carnival is organized in August in:
a) Green Park
b) Notting Hill
c) Trafalgar Square
d) Hyde Park

12. The guards at The Tower of London are called:
a) beefeaters
b) ravens
c) police officers
d) royal guards

13. Large black birds which have lived at the Tower of London for hundreds of years are:
a) storks
b) ravens
c) crows
d) sparrows

14. What destroyed most of the city in 1666:
a) a fire
b) a war
c) strong winds
d) a flood

15. If you want to do shopping in London, you should go to:
a) The Tower of London
b) Oxford Street
c) Soho
d) Downing Street

16. The world’s first underground was built in London in:
a) 1977
b) 1066
c) 1863
d) 1999

17. If you want to express your opinions, you can do it there:
a) Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park
b) The Tower of London
c) Speaker’s Square
d) St Paul’s Cathedral

18. Elizabeth II’s successor is:
a) Princess Diana
b) Prince Charles
c) Tony Blair
d) Margaret Thatcher

19. The Changing of the Guard happens everyday at 11.30 at:
a) Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s home in London,
b) The Houses of Parliament
c) The Tower of London
d) The Royal Courts of Justice

20. What was The Tower of London in the past?
a) a prison
b) a church
c) a museum
d) an opera

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