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Numer: 25486
Dział: Języki obce

Scenariusz lekcji - język angielski

No. of students:
- students Get to know how Christmas is celebrate in english countries.
language objectives: description of traditions
educational objectives: writing, reading
Language material:
Vocabulary: Christmas tree, stockings, candles, Chcristmas crackers, mistletoe, evergreen, Santa Claus, Christmas Eve, holly, to send/receive Christmas cards, carols, Boxing Day, decorations. Plum pudding

Functions: writing, reading
Materials and teaching aids:
procedure timing materials Form of work
1. 1.Teacher gives learners the list of words and asks which colors they see when they close their eyes and think about Christmas. Everybody Has to tell the color and Christmas thing associated with that color.
7 minutes
Whole class
2. Students work in 3 groups and each goup Gets worksheets with description of Christmas in english countries. They have to read it and write the most important things about Christmas in described country. 10 minutes Worksheets
Work in groups
3. Groups read their notes and together with the teacher compare tradition in english country.

10 minutes


Whole class

4. Learners write which tradition from english country they like and why?
5 minutes

5. Teacher asks every student about favourite tradition from english country. Which of them they would like to in polish tradition?
10 minutes

Whole class

6. Students write the homework in their notebooks. They have to write about Christmas in their family.

3 minutes

Work in groups

Irish Christmas dinner is primarily a turkey, but it happens a goose, which is more associated with Irish traditions. Along with turkey, baked ham is served. Is given as an appetizer of smoked salmon or shrimp and melon soup. For the main course served potatoes - fried, stewed, bread and sauce, such as cranberry or bread. The vegetables are given Brussels sprouts, carrots, beans, broccoli. And for dessert mentioned - Plum Pudding. Despite its name, does not have plums in it! Pudding is served with butter sauce, sherry or brandy. At Christmas in Ireland also offers a special cake with fruits and sweetmeats.
St. Stephen's Day

In Ireland, it is very important Boxing Day. It is the day of St. Stephen, St.. Stephen's Day. That day, from door to door, go Irish carolers, called the Wren Boys (equivalent to our Turoni) and collect donations. On the second day of Christmas begins with a National League hurling, team play, where players use clubs and balls. Popular also watch shows for children, where men play female roles and vice versa.
At Christmas in England Christmas tables look different than in Poland. First of all meals are eaten in the crowns are made of paper. It is a symbol referring to the Three Kings. Unlike our vigil, the English eat the main meal at around twelve o'clock or shortly thereafter. The traditional meal is the equivalent of our turkey stuffed carp various vegetables. It is accompanied by other dishes such as sausages wrapped in bacon, etc.. For dessert, the famous pudding is served, which is pour the custard or brandy. Traditionally, in the latter case, the alcohol is tan, and the fire is to scare away bad luck. Tradition dictates that the pudding should be made of thirteen components. It symbolizes Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles. In addition to the pudding shall also be stuffed with dried fruit muffins and other treats.
At 15 speaks to the nation, Queen Elizabeth II. This tradition began, King George V in 1932. In the British Isles, children are a bit more involved in the holidays, because there are a variety of shows and theaters, and therefore do not get bored so much as children in Poland. On Christmas Day in England, just as with us are different types of Christmas carols sung. For 150 years the British Isles also hosts a Christmas tree. Traditionally, since 1947 the Norwegians send Christmas tree that adorns Trafalgar Square. It is a symbol that commemorates the collaboration between the two nations during World War II.

As you can see the British have their own traditions of this feast, and some of them come from the period of the Roman Empire and the Celts. For example, mistletoe has been used by the Druids - Celtic priests. Although during the holidays, we are all closer together, the European Union countries, it is worth remembering that the traditions in different countries are different, but that does not mean that worse.

Time is not only a pre-Christmas shopping. It is also a period of many parties, both charitable and "ordinary", which Americans call "Christmas Party" (Christmas adoption). Then organizes the adoption of both the workplace and at home. During this period, very happy to residents of the United States visiting cinemas, theaters and opera houses and concert halls. A particular interest is the art and films, whose content is related to Christmas.

The absolute frenzy of decorating houses swept across America like no other country. The house must be more beautiful, better and more luminous than the neighbor's house. Americans trying to outdo each other in inventing all kinds of Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, we are still the most important, it is important to them, but nevertheless, added. Unlike us, Christmas dresses long before Christmas, and throws right after Christmas.

Christmas lasts for less than our own, the Americans have only one day of the holidays. They begin on the evening of December 24, when Catholics go to Midnight Mass, which, unlike ours, does not begin at midnight, but before - the 22nd Americans do not celebrate Christmas Eve, so there is a formal dinner or waiting for the first star.

Bearded Santa Claus falls on the night of 24 to 25 December through the chimney to the house and puts presents under the Christmas tree, and trinkets to the fireplace hung colored socks. Children leave Santa's cookies and milk, and sometimes even small gifts. In the morning, after visiting the church, all the colorful opening ceremony of the package and eat, very lavish breakfast. On the table often dominated by turkey. Everyone is trying to this day to be together with family and spend it in the company of loved ones. Evenings, holidays come to an end, because December 26 adults are going back to work, children to school, and Christmas trees end up in the trash.


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