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Numer: 24169
Dział: Języki obce

Czasy gramatyczne - ćwiczenia

Czasowniki podane w nawiasach wyraź w odpowiednim czasie: Present Simple,
Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Future Simple.

1. My brother (live) in Italy.
2. I (do) my homework now.
3. I (look) for Jack. Do you know where he is?
4. Lucy wasn't hungry, so she (not eat) anything.
5. He (be) in France last summer.
6. I think wide trousers (be ) in fashion next year.
7. While she (cook) dinner somebody (come) into their house.
8. Where (be) they last week?
9. You (understand) it now?
10. When John (have) a bath somebody (knock) on the door.
11. At the moment I (write) a letter.
12. I never (see) this woman before.
13. We (not live) together at present.
14. In the future, people (do) all their shopping on the internet.
15. My mum (not have) green eyes, they are blue.
16. Most boys (not like) shopping.
17. We often (cook) sausages for supper.
18. Tom (work) in this firm since 1970.
19. (you/call) me tomorrow?
20. Is my father in? No, he just (leave).
21. My parents (go) to the cinema last night and they (see) a very interesting film.
22. Jane (not pass) her exam last week, because she (be) ill.
23. We (not work) in this firm ten years ago.
24. While we (watch) TV, we heard a noise.
25. You (go out) last night?
26. I just (buy) a new car.
27. They saw an accident while they (wait) for the bus.
28. She (feel) hungry. Is there anything to eat?
29. I (not believe) he is only 25. He looks much older.
30. We (go) to the cinema tomorrow. I’ve just booked tickets.
31. In the future people (go) to Mars for their holidays.
32. There is a lot of glass on the floor. Who (break) the window?
33. Would you like something to eat? No thanks. I already(have) lunch.
34. I’m afraid she can’t come to the phone now. She (have) a shower.
35. My father (not sell) his car yet.
1. lives
2. am doing
3. am looking
4. didn't eat
5. was
6. will be
7. was cooking, came
8. were
9. do you understand
10. was having, knocked
11. am writing
12. I have never seen
13. aren't living
14. will do
15. doesn't have
16. don't like
17. cook
18. has worked
19. will you call
20. he has just left
21. went, saw
22. didn't pass, was
23. didn't work
24. were watching
25. Did you go out
26. I have just bought
27. were waiting
28. feels
29. don't believe
30. are going
31. will go
32. has broken
33. I have already eaten
34. is having
35. hasn't sold

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