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Numer: 21515
Dział: Języki obce

Test - podręcznik "Matrix Intermediate" dział 5


I. Choose the best answer.
1. If I had some _____ cash, I’d give it to you.
a) free b) unused c) spare d) small
2. We had a big argument but managed to part ____.
a) amicably b) freely c) friendly d) nicely
3. It’s true that I don’t like Mary. ___, I think she’s great!
a) On the other hand b) Nevertheless
c) At the end d) On the contrary
4. I used to like Nina but I ___ her when she started lying to me.
a) went off b) stopped off
c) got off d) put off
5. John is very excited – he’s going to ____ an Internet business.
a) get up b) put up c) take up d) set up

II. Replace with the correct form of phrasal verbs.

• hand over • run over • cloud over
• get over • pull over

1. The sky is going grey. I think it’s going to rain.
2. It’s taken Julie two weeks to recover from her illness.
3. I was knocked down by a car when I was six.
4. Let’s stop and look at the map.
5. The robber ordered the bank clerk to give him the cash.

III. Choose the correct word.
1. I can’t find the rabbit! It must have squeezed through/ pulled through the gap in the fence.
2. I can’t understand why Tim is lying so unbelievably / unashamedly.
3. Paul has set off / broken off his engagement for the second time.
4. The tunnel was so narrow that we had to crawl through / pull through on our hands and knees.
5. The lawyer summed up / read up the main points of the case.

IV. Fill in the gaps with must have been or can’t have been.

1. I received a big box of chocolates yesterday but they ___ from my boyfriend because hee knows I hate chocolate.
2. You ___ out for a walk already! It’s only six o’clock in the morning.
3. I’m sorry – I ___ asleep when you called. I didn’t hear the phone ring.
4. That girl you saw this morning ___ Sue. She’s gone away on holiday.
5. Patrick ____very hungry. He’s eaten almost everything I had in the house.

V. Complete using correct modal : present.
1. It’s a bad idea to pick mushrooms. They might be poisonous.
You ____ pick mushrooms.
2. It isn’t necessary to read the instructions . It’s so easy.
You ____ read the instructions.
3. It’s against the law to drive so fast.
You ____ drive so fast.
4. We ought to leave now. We ___ (not / be) late.
5. I’m certain the football match is on tonight.
The football match _____ be on tonight.

VI. Complete using correct modal : past.

1. That lady was nearly run over! She ___ (look) before she crossed the road.
2. You ____ (tell) me you were coming. I would have collected you from the station.
3. Patrick ___ (send) me these beautiful flowers but I’m glad he did.
4. I always repeat myself so I’m sure I ___(say) this before.
5. We really ___ (laugh) at him. He looked so upset.

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