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Numer: 19464
Dział: Języki obce

Gminny konkurs języka angielskiego "Wiedza o krajach anglojęzycznych"


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Szkoła: ........................................
Liczba punktów: ..................................

Zadanie 1. Wybierz i zakreśl poprawną odpowiedź A, B, C lub D
(34 punkty)

1. Which city is not in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?
A. Belfast B. Cardiff C. Dublin
2. Which of the four nations' flags is not incorporated in the flag of the UK?
A. Northern Ireland B. Scotland C. Wales
3. Which country is St. David the patron of ?
A. England B. Scotland C. Wales
4. What is Stonehenge?
A. a royal castle B. a prehistoric monument C. a historic document
5. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the opening of .............
onto the Pacific Ocean.
A. the Los Angeles Bay B. the San Francisco Bay C. the Las Vegas Bay
6. The Thames is a major river flowing through
A. western England B. southern Scotland C. southern England
7. Which of the following cities is not in England?
A. Cardiff B. Leeds C. Newcastle
8. What is the British national anthem?
A. God Save the Queen B. Land of Hope and Glory C. Rule Britannia
9. The national flag of Canada features:
A. a black dragon B. a yellow bear C. a red maple leaf
10. Where does the British parliament meet?
A. Downing Street B. Buckingham Palace C. the Palace of Westminster
11. Which of the following is not a royal residence?
A. Buckingham Palace B. the Palace of Westminster C. Windsor Castle
12. Who presently has the title „Prince of Wales” ?
A. Prince Charles B. Prince Philip C. Prince William
13. What is Heathrow?
A. a London airport B. a London street C. a London train station
14. Near which town does the English end of the channel tunnel start?
A. Canterbury B. Dover C. Folkestone
15. The symbol of England is
A. a shamrock B. a lion C. a rose D. an island
16. The capital city of the USA is
A. Washington B. Washington DC C. New York D. Los Angeles
17. The highest mountain top in the UK is
A. Ben Nevis B. Mount Cork C. Snowdon D. Broad Law
18. The USA is divided into
A. 50 states B. 49 states C. 52 states D. 55 states
19. Canada's national sport is
A. cricket B. football C. hockey
20. Trafalgar Square was built to commemorate ...
A. Admiral Nelson B. Henry VIII C. Elizabeth II D. Queen Victoria
21. John Lennon was a member of
A. Queen B. Take That C. The Beatles D. U2
22. The biggest community of Polish origin is in:
A. Chicago B. New York C. Sydney D. Manchester
23. What is the name of the capital city of Canada?
A. Vancuver B. Ottawa C. Toronto D. Montreal
24. Pancake Day is on
A. Friday B. Wednesday C. Tuesday D. Sunday
25. The British Prime Minister wasn`t
A. Tony Blair B. Margaret Thatcher C. John Glenn D Gordon Brown
26. The first heir to the British throne is
A. Prince Henry B. Prince William C. Prince Edward D. Prince Charles
27. Poets` Corner is in
A. St Paul`s Cathedral B. Hyde Park C. Westminster Abbey D. Trafalgar Square
28. The original name of the current British royal family is
A. Windsor B. Tudor C. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha D. Stuart
29. Arsenal is the name of
A. a city B. a football club C. a street D. a royal castle
30. Beefeater is the name given to
A. a person who eats beef B. a Yeoman Warder C. a steak D. a very fat Englishman
31. U2 are a rock band from
A. Ireland B. England C. Wales D. The USA
32. The Statue of Liberty is a gift from:
A. Italy B. France C. Great Britain D. Germany
33. The Declaration of Independence was created in 1776 by:
A. George Washington B. Theodore Roosevelt C. Thomas Jefferson D. George W. Bush
34. Good Friday is a big day for Christians all over the world just before:
A. Easter B. Christmas C. Thanksgiving D. Independence Day

Zadanie 2. Zdecyduj, czy podane zdania są prawdziwe czy fałszywe, wpisując odpowiednio T – True lub F – False obok każdego ze zdań. (16 punktów)

1. The USA borders are Canada and Mexico. .........
2. The Great Lakes are a chain of big lakes in Scotland. .........
3. Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the USA. .........
4. Belfast is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. .......
5. The Statue of Liberty is a famous monument in New York. .........
6. Yale and Harvard are two famous American universities.........
7. Famous Opera House is in Sydney in Australia. .........
8. American football is a game played by two teams throwing or running with an oval ball. ....
9. The longest river in the UK is the River Severn. ......
10. The Mississippi is the largest river in the USA. .........
11. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. .........
12. Eros Statue is on Picadilly Circus in London........
13. Nelson’s Column isn’t in Trafalgar Square.......
14. Madame Tussauds is a famous wax museum in London.......
15. Kylie Minogue is the most famous singer from Australia. .....
16. Northern Ireland is also called Ulster......

Zadanie 3. Odpowiedz na pytania. (12 punktów)

1. Where would you find a kilt?
2. Who lived in a Sherwood forest?
3. What happens on St Valentine's Day?
4. When do British open their Christmas presents?
5. A red dragon is the symbol of which country?
6. In which country is the Lake District?
7. What is the name of the US flag?
8. Which city is called the Windy City?
9. What do Americans celebrate on 4th July?
10. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
11. Where is the White House located?
12. What is the name of the US national anthem?

Zadanie 4. Dopasuj nazwy świąt obchodzonych w wielkiej Brytanii, Irlandii i Stanach Zjednoczonych do dat, wpisując je do odpowiednich rubryk tabeli. (8 punktów)

Boxing Day, Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, St. Patrick`s Day, Thanksgiving Day, April Fools’ Day, New Year’s Eve

February 14th
4th Thursday in November
December 26th
March 17th
December 31st
October 31st
July 4th
April 1st

Zadanie 5. Połącz kolumny tworząc prawdziwe zdania. (10 punktów)

1. Andy Warhol a was the lead singer of the Beatles
2. Charles Dickens b governed Britain during World War II
3. Queen Victoria c was the first President of the USA
4. John Lennon d abolished slavery in the USA
5. J. R. Tolkien e wrote David Copperfield
6. Isaac Newton f was the creator of Pop Art
7. Margaret Thatcher g was an English physicist
8. Winston Churchill h was the longest-ruling monarch in England
9. George Washington i wrote The Hobbit
10. Abraham Lincoln j was the first British woman Prime Minister

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Zadanie 6. Uzupełnij zdania wpisując w każde wolne miejsce odpowiednie słowa. Użyj od jednego do trzech słów. (10 punktów)

1. _______________ and _______________ are the oldest universities in England.
2. Crown Jewels are kept in the _______________.
3. Ireland’s national holiday known as _______________ is celebrated on 17 March.
4. EIRE is another name for the _______________.
5. The capital of Australia is _______________.
6. The world’s largest observation wheel that is in London is called _______________.
7. Great Britain is separated from the European continent by the _______________.
8. The highest mountain in the USA is _______________.
9. The Prime Minister of Great Britain is ________________.
10. IRA stands for the _______________.

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