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Numer: 17851
Dział: Języki obce

"Good and bad" - scenariusz zajęć z języka angielskiego w gimnazjum


TEACHER: Agnieszka Nowak-Gobel
CLASS: Junior High Shool,2grade
LEVEL : pre-intermediate
TOPIC: “The good side and the bad side”
GENERAL AIM: practice and revise vocabulary connected with job/work
-STRUCTURAL: pronunciation “o:” and “3:”
-FUNCTIONAL: to develop Ss’ abilities and remember new vocabulary.
-LEXICAL: to revise important words connected with job/work
SKILLS: speaking
MATERIALS: English File, intermediate student’s book, Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham- Koenig, Oxford
stage interaction time procedure aims
Lead- in



5min -T presents the topic: “The good side and the bad side” knowing that Ss already know it from the previous classes. This is a short revision of what do they remember. T presents her own example of a school and talks of its good and bad sides.

- to give Ss a model



6min -T asks Ss to look at the first picture on the page 50 and to tell what do they see answering on the given questions below. T helps Ss with translating and revising words which might be difficult. T works with Ss controlling their pronunciation.- Then Ss work in pairs discussing following 3 pictures.- T asks one or two Ss for the answers. T corrects if necessary and adds more examples.
- visualization
-improving pronunciation
-cooperation, work with the well known friend


5min -T asks the Ss if they can explain the differences between two rows of words from the exercise 2b. If Ss have difficulties- T helps them and corrects Ss’ pronunciation if necessary.
- Ss need to find 3 occupations ending in –er,-or,-ist,-ian. T writes it on the black-board. - revising vocabulary

- improving pronunciation

- revising new vocabulary





13min -pronunciation exercise:”Better pronunciation”a),b)T asks volunteers to read the words consisting the vowel “3:” and “o”. Ss repeat after the teacher. –next Ss do ex. b) “put the words in the appropriate row with the sound: “3”or”o”. The whole class work on it with the T’s help. – ex. c)- Ss are supposed to read carefully expressions from this exercise following the T.
- Ss work on the next exercise – conversation. First in pairs then in the front of the class.SS are talking about the occupation of one of their family member. T monitors the Ss and provides them with the vocabulary they need. - work on pronunciation

T- Ss

3min - T asks Ss to do the last ex. on the page 51. T explains it briefly.
-T thanks Ss for the participation and for the nice atmosphere in the class during the lesson.

-appreciation of the Ss

Post lesson comments:

To work with this class was a big pleasure for me. Ss are disciplined and participate in the lesson willingly. I succeeded to do with them most of the exercises I have planned. Those which I didn’t do- are not mentioned in this “Lesson Plan”. I did not plan to do with them conversation exercise but I have an impression that it went very well in spite of my lack of preparation. The last grammar exercise was not planned as well thus I did not explain the Ss the rules which were necessary to succeed this exercise.

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