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Numer: 15205
Dział: Języki obce

Konkurs czytelniczy z języka angielskiego dla klas I - III gimnazjum


Match the names from the box to the descriptions 1 – 4. There is one extra name that you don’t need.
Dopasuj postaci wymienione w ramce do opisów 1 – 4. Jedna postać została podana dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnego opisu.

Queen Hanzani Blackbeard Captain Scott Captain Pike Queen Alliana

1. “He had a black patch over one eye and a scar on one side of his face.” ____________________
2. “He wore a long blue coat and had a shining silver sword at his side. He had a red scarf around his head...” ___________________
3. “She was a beautiful dark woman with large, dark round eyes. Her black hair was tied at the back of her head, and she had a gold necklace with a round, green stone around her neck.” ____________________
4. “A tall, dark and very beautiful woman in a white headdress was standing in front of the natives. She had large dark eyes and she wore a gold necklace with a green stone, just like the one in the picture on Blackbeard’s ship.”____________________

Who was...
1. Captain Pike?
a. Captain Scott’s sailor
b. The captain of “the Queen Anne”
c. The greatest pirate in the world
2. Captain Scott?
a. The captain of “the Queen Anne”
b. The captain of “the Blue Dolphin”
c. The captain of a Spanish ship
3. Queen Alliana?
a. The Queen of England
b. The Queen of Rum Island
c. Queen Hanzani’s great-grandmother
4. Blackbeard?
a. Queen Hanzani’s father
b. Queen Hanzani’s husband
c. Queen Alliana’s husband
5. Mr. Stewart?
a. The barman in “the Blue Dolphin”
b. Captain Scott’s first mate
c. Captain Pike’s pirate

Decide which sentences are true (T) and which are false (F).
Zdecyduj, które zdania są prawdziwe (T), a które są fałszywe (F).

1. “The Queen Anne was going to the Bermuda Triangle to look for Blackbeard’s treasure. T/F
2. The mark of the pirates is a black flag with a white skull and crossbones on it. T/F
3. Captain Pike didn’t find the treasure on Blackbeard’s ship. T/F
4. Only Queen Alliana was able to see Blackbeard’s ghost holding a knife.T/F
5. Queen Alliana was happy to see Blackbeard’s treasure on her island. T/F
6. Captain Pike took Queen’s gold from “the Queen Anne” instead of Blackbeard’s treasure. T/F
7. “The circle of Fire” was made of coconut tree leaves. T/F
8. Queen Alliana gave Captain Scott what he needed to sail again. T/F
9. Captain Scott decided to take Blackbeard’s treasure to England. T/F
10. The sailors of “the Queen Anne” saw the ghost of Blackbeard fly up into the clouds of the sky. T/F

Complete these texts using the words from the box. You can use each word once and you can’t change their form.
Uzupełnij teksty wyrazami z ramki. Możesz użyć każdy wyraz tylko raz i nie możesz zmieniać ich form.
boy; married; necklace; anger; alive; attacked; triangle; promised; sugar plants; tries; sleep; perfect; food; face; large; around; sea; destroyed; ghost; stole;

“When my great-grandmother was sixteen, she and a boy her age ___________ to love each other forever. So they __________ and sometime later that _____________ left the island. He said he was going to sail ______________ the world and bring back all of the things which would make their life together ______________ and happy. While he was gone, pirates _____________the island. They killed her parents and ____________ everything they had. Many people died because they had no _________. She found a way to make rum from the _____________ so they could trade it with others for food. She made the island strong and soon all of the people, from all of the islands in this ______________, began working together so that the pirates would never do such a thing again.”

“The Queen left him, and in _____________ he sailed from the island. There was a terrible storm; we call it the storm with the large _______. The clouds were so _________ that they looked like the face of a man blowing on to the _________. The pirate ship was ___________ and now a ghost ship travels these waters with Blackbeard’s _________on it, watching the treasure he thought more important than love. My great-grandmother died in her _________ that same night. I wear this _____________ to remember her. The pirate’s ghost and his treasure are there to remind him, and anyone else who __________ to take what is not theirs, that they will never be happy. You have that treasure Captain and you must take it from this island and put it back on that empty ship. Otherwise, you will never leave the Bermuda Triangle ___________.”

Put the events in the correct order.
Ułóż wydarzenia w poprawnej kolejności.

A. Captain Pike takes a chest from “the Queen Anne.”
B. Queen Alliana tells Queen Hanzani’s story.
C. Captain Pike comes to “the Blue Dolphin.”
D. Blackbeard’s ship breaks apart and sinks into the sea.
E. Blackbeard kills Captain Pike with a knife.
F. Captain Pike finds Blackbeard’s ship.
G. Captain Pike and Captain Scott fight on Rum Island.
H. Captain Scott meets Queen Alliana.
I. A sea battle between Captain Pike’s pirates and Captain Scott’s sailors.
J. Captain Scott goes to Rum Island.

1.___ 2.___ 3. ___ 4.___ 5.___ 6.___ 7.___ 8.___ 9.___ 10.___

Match the words from the box to their definitions.
Dopasuj wyrazy z ramki do definicji.

a log-book; natives; crow’s nest; the stocks; a deck; abandoned

1. a small seat above the sails of a ship used as a lookout post=________
2. an official record of the journey of a ship or aeroplane=___________
3. two pieces of wood with three round holes in them used for locking prisoner’s head and hands inside=________________
4. original inhabitants of a country before the arrival of explorers=________
5. having been left without any intention of returning to or reclaiming=__________
6. a platform extending from one side of a ship to the other and forming the floor=_______________

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