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Types of exam writing

Feeling that writing is difficult stems from the fact that this type of activity requires practice and commitment. On account of that, we definitely use spoken language more often, we do not become proficient enough at writing and hence students struggle it along. It is logical that the more students write, the easier it will be for them to create exam writing. This indicates that the lack of practice in creating texts is the main reason for reagarding this activity as something complicated. Actually, most of such reasons, why students and often teachers perceive it as not an easy skill, have its source in deeply ingrained stereotypes. In reality, these difficulties are more ostensible than objective. That is why it is important to realize a few aspects at the very beginning. First of all, writing is not a spontaneous activity – a text must be planned and the form and the content must be adequate for purposes that our written task is to achieve. Setting about writing requires proper preparing; that is giving some thoughts to the form and the content, collecting needed materials as well as thinking the logic through. Then, conveying the text ‘from the distance’ which is inextricably linked with writing, makes the author choose means which will transmit an appropriate message effectively to a recipient who is deprived of a direct contact with a sender. Writing a clear, logical and exhaustive message demands proficiency that one may acquire through a detailed analysis of texts written by other authors and through appropriate practising of writing. What is more, creating these definite texts requires knowledge of canons that are obligatory for specific type or genre. This indicates that a writer should possess knowledge of the subject, i.e. use formal and informal language skilfully. Creating a text is an individual activity, that is carried out by oneself, without help and cooperation with others. Although a writer is left to his own devices, working out appropriate skills and awareness of the best way to approach the task minimize discomfort and a negative attitude towards writing.
A teacher needs to make the students realize that writing does not have to be a problem and if they devote a little of their free time and energy to studying and exercises, they will learn principles concerning composition of different types of texts and they will master writing Matura tasks. Students have always had the most difficulties with things they do not do as they seemed difficult to them. Writing involves two kinds of transactional writings, these are a short transactional writing and a longer transactional writing. When we take a short transactional writing into account, we think of a postcard, a note, an announcement, an invitation,a questionnaire and an email. When we think of a long transactional writing we have no choice apart from a formal and informal letter.

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