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Matura reading comprehension - Your home in the sun

Matura Success Pre-Intermediate CD-rom- Tests and assignments. Test no 1.

Read the text carefully, and then – in PART 1 – match the titles into correct places (A-G). Two of them do not match anywhere. Then, – in PART 2 – choose a proper answer.

Your home in the sun

Being a very young person, you may still have no idea about your future home: where it is going to be, and what it is going to look like. We would like you to start thinking about it right now. What’s more, we’ve got ideas for something that may turn out to be your second home: a holiday home, a place to relax and have fun in. Think the South of Europe. Think Cyprus or Italy, for instance. Here are some tips to get you started.
4.1. ...........
Your future work life will surely be hectic and very demanding. You will probably have very little time to go through holiday brochures and plan your time-off schedule. And yet, going on holiday and relaxing is absolutely crucial for people as busy as you’re going to be. With your own home in the sun, things will always be simple and easy: you’ll know it’s there, waiting for you any time.
4.2. ...........
Many people choose their dream holiday destination, pay loads of money to get there, and then get terribly disappointed as they find out it is not what they really wanted. With your very own home in the sun, you will have all your needs and dreams answered any time you get there. Depending on what you choose, your favourite way of spending free time in perfect weather is always guaranteed.
4.3. ...........
Have you ever been chased by your neighbours for your partying lifestyle? Or perhaps told off by your parents for stacking dirty mugs and empty bottles in your room? Well, once you have your own home, you can keep all your habits without anybody criticising you any longer. You can have a fashionable holiday resort and party all the time, and there will be no owner of the house to check if things are in perfect order.
4.4. ...........
Even if the holiday destination itself proves to be satisfactory, many people complain about the way in which their rooms are furnished. As one such customer said, ‘How can you relax in a room packed with heavy, black furniture and a horrible wall-to-wall pink carpet?’ In your home in the sun, everything can be the way you really like it. Keep it to your own style, or perhaps go for a local design – you decide what works best for you.
4.5. ...........
Tourists come and go, never really getting close to the places they visit. But you may have a chance to get in touch with the very heart of the community. Having your own home there means making friends with local residents and understanding quite a lot about the place and the country. This is the final benefit of our offer: you pick what you like, and become a member of an international, multicultural community.
Interested? Or perhaps still thinking you’re too young to think so far ahead? We would suggest that it is precisely now that this thinking should start. You are young enough to start saving to make all your dreams come true. Your home in the sun is a unique opportunity to save on holiday expenses. Check our Lifetime Plan and you will see how much you can save on other things, and still have fun.
So make up your mind now and call 023 23 23 33 or email us on info@lifetimeplan.com.

A No obligation to check twice at the same hotel.
B An opportunity to be yourself all the time.
C Unique possibilities to learn about local culture.
D No need to bother about holidays every year.
E A great way of getting rid of your personal worries.
F A chance to arrange the interior according to your wishes.
G Perfect conditions to relax every time.

4.6. What is the main aim of this text?
a) to promote a personal financial scheme
b) to sell holiday houses in Cyprus and Italy
c) to encourage encounters between cultures
d) to help people choose the best holiday

4.7. We can often find a text like this in a
a) technical magazine.
b) book about travelling.
c) travel brochure.
d) popular newspaper.

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