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Numer: 8451
Dział: Języki obce

Test diagnozujący gramatyczno - leksykalny dla uczniów klas trzecich


Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

1 I _____ to James since last week.

A don't speak B didn't speak C haven't spoken

2 By the time I got to the theatre, the play _______ so I missed the beginning.

A has already started B had already started C already starts

3 ____ fireworks before?

A Did you ever see B Do you ever see C Have you ever seen

4 Penicillin _____ by Fleming.

A discovered B was discovered C is discovered

5 He ______ a dog when he lived in the country.

A used to have B has had C has

6 It's the worst song I ____ in my whole life.

A heard B have heard C hear

7 Many people ____ in car accidents every day.

A killed B have killed C are killed

8 They told me ____ go inside the building.

A not to B to not C not

9 You have done the shopping, ____ ?

A didn't you B haven't you C don't you?

10 If I didn't have to go to work, I ____ up so early.

A wouldn't get B didn't get C won't get

11 The sports centre opens on Sundays, ____ ?

A isn't it B doesn't it C does it

12 He would visit us more often if he _______ so busy all the time.

A isn't B didn't C weren't

13 I didn't help her. She did everything ______.

A her B herself C hers

14 I asked ____ to wait for me outside the cinema.

A them B to them C themselves

15 Can you see Paul____ over there with a girl? Who's she?

A to walk B walk C walking

16 I asked them where ______ her.

A had they seen B did they see C they had seen

17 You __________ to the shops earlier. Now they're all closed.

A should have gone B ought to go C shouldn't go

18 She asked me ______ I liked Chinese food.

A that B if C did

19 They asked him where _____ so late at night.

A is he going B was he going C he was going

20 She said she ______ interested.

A didn't B wasn't C hasn't

21 ‘Be careful’ he told ____ .

A us B to us C ourselves

22 I asked him if he ______ to go to the swimming pool.

A wanted B will want C want

23 He ________ spend so much time in front of the TV. He ought to go out more often.

A should have spent B shouldn’t spend C ought to spend

24 You ____ take an umbrella. It's going to rain in a moment.

A are better B had better C would rather

25 She ____ go with us if she wants to rest. She must be very tired.

A mustn't B can't C doesn't have to

26 I didn't hear ______ into the room.

A them coming B they come C them to come

27 He _____ to some friends in the street when we met.

A talked B used to talk C was talking

28 ________ to talk to her when you saw her?

A Were you stopping B Did you stop C You stopped

29 Mr Roberts _______ the office.

A just has left B has left just C has just left

30 I can't lend you the book. I haven't finished it ____.

A already B ever C yet

____ / 30 points

31 He _______________ with many of her ideas.

A isn’t agree B isn’t agreeing C doesn’t agree

32 They say that fast _______________ is the best exercise.

A walk B to walk C walking

33 Don’t _______________ to shut the front door when you leave.

A forgetting B forget C to forget

34 He _______________ really hard to prepare for the exam – he studies all the time!

A ‘s been trying B tried C had tried

35 What _______________ ? I can’t understand him.

A he means B he is meaning C does he mean

36 He refused _______________ even though he likes that kind of thing.

A going B go C to go

37 I _______________ one job since I left school.

A only had B have only had C have only been having

38 I think light travels _______________ than sound.

A more fast B most fast C faster

39 He speaks English much _______________ than his sister.

A good B well C better

40 They rushed him to hospital after he _______________ his leg.

A was breaking B had broken C had been breaking

141 If you installed an anti-virus programme your computer _______________ faster.

A works B will work C would work

42 _______________ game! It was really exciting ... right up to the end.

A So B Such a C What a

43 She _______________ for a long time by the time she became well-known.

A had been writing B has been writing C was writing

44 If only I _______________ more money. I’d love to buy those shoes.

A have B had C will have

45 They had _______________ awful holiday there that they’re never going back.

A such an B so C such a

46 I _______________ up tomorrow if my parents let me.

A had given B won’t give C would give

47 His computer _______________ if he doesn’t delete those viruses.

A crashes B will crash C would crash

48 I wish I _______________ in a warm country. It’s so cold and dark here.

A live B lived C am living

49.He has _______________ long legs that he walks much too fast for me.

A incredibly B amazingly C such

50 I’ll leave _______________ I’ve said goodbye to everyone.

A until B as soon as C unless

51 My bus _______________ at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

A is going to leave B will leave C leaves

52 She talks so fast _______________ I can’t understand her.

A so B consequently C that

53 They won’t give him the job _______________ he gets a haircut. How stupid!

A without B as soon as C unless

54 I’m not sure what it’s for. Maybe for _______________ potatoes?

A to cook B cook C cooking

55 I tried _______________ Sudoko, but it was so difficult that I gave up.

A to do B do C doing

56 If I _________ on holiday in Rome, I’d ring her up – she’d love to hear from you.

A would be B were C will be

57 It’s the _______________ meal I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even finish it.

A bad B best C worst

58 Oh, OK. I think I _______________ . I love swimming.

A comes B will come C am going to come

59 He _______________ all over the world, but he is at home at the moment.

A had travelled B has been travelling C has travelled

60 After _______________ her friends she went shopping.

A meeting B meet C met

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