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Numer: 8148
Dział: Języki obce

People’s appearance. Konspekt lekcji języka angielskiego dla 1 klasy gimnazjum

Class 1, lower secondary school

Lesson Plan

Subject: People’s appearance.

- introducing new vocabulary connected with appearance
- using new vocabulary and structures in exercises
- developing listening skills and speaking skills

Tape, book, workbook, flashcards, Xerox copies


Good morning, today we will revise information from the previous lesson and then you will get to know new vocabulary connected with appearance.

Revision and warm-up:

The teacher checks the homework ( exercise number 4, workbook )
The teacher revises vocabulary connected with the names of the creatures. He writes on the blackboard dashes and pupils’ task is to guess the word.
_ _ _ _ _ , children have to say letters, if there is not such a letter the teacher draws hangman.


The teacher tries to explain the meaning of the word appearance with the use of his own words.
With words : fat, plump, slim, thin, thick, tall etc. pupils get familiar with the use of flashcards.
Students repeat the words after the teacher.


1. Teacher asks students to open the books on page 47 and listen to the cassette and match the descriptions with the photos.
2. Teacher asks students to work in pairs. Their task is to ask and answer questions about their friends and family appearance.
3. Teacher distributes Xerox copies and asks students to underline the correct words that would perfectly describe men in the pictures.
4. Teacher distributes Xerox copies and asks students to match the words with the sentences.
5. Students’ task is to write similar descriptions of the singer Britney Spears and the racing driver David Coulthard.


Pupils have to write the description of somebody they admire the most.
Exercise 1.

A game hangman.
Teacher writes on the blackboard dashes and asks students to guess the words. Pupils are supposed to tell letters, if there is no such a letter in the word teacher draws hangman.

Category: creatures
_ _ _ _ _ (witch)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (mermaid)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (werewolf)
_ _ _ _ _ (alien)
_ _ _ _ (yeti)
_ _ _ _ _ (fairy)

Exercise 2.

Pupils’ task is to match the words with the sentences.

handsome, attractive, plump, slim, tall, short

1. She is one of the most .................. girls in our school, so she is very popular with boys.
2. Paul’s quite ................... He is only 169 cm.
3. He’s over fifty but he isn’t overweight. He goes jogging every day and he’s still quite .......................
4. Jeff is dark and tall, so most girls think he is very ......................
5. He eats too much and doesn’t take regular exercise. As a result, he’s a little .................
6. You don’t have to be very ....................... to play basketball but it certainly helps.

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