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Bullying - scenariusz lekcji z języka angielskiego dla klas 4-6

English Lesson
Class: 4 – 6 (Primary School)

Subject: What is bullying & How Can We Stop It?

* To increase the knowledge what is bullying and what is the psychological situation of a bullied person.
* To increase the sensitivity on the situations where the intervention is needed.

* sheets of papers (3 – 5)
* colorful markers

1. You need to divide students into 4 – 5 groups. Then you read a story about:
a girl Anna who joined a new class in school. She didn’t know anyone in the class and was a bit shy and intimidated. One of her colleagues called her ‘fat weirdo’ – and she was really sad about it but pretended she didn’t hear that. In fact, she was a little chubby. Other boys and girls in from her class heard what the boy said and started laughing. After a few days more boys and girls called Anna ‘fat weirdo’. Then they’ve found out that she wasn’t very good at sports and PE lessons were really difficult for her. More colleagues were teasing her now.
Anna didn’t want to focus on this complicated situation and was trying to make friends with the students from her new class. But with no success.
After a few months Anna was feeling really sad and lonely. Nobody stood up for her. She didn’t want to go to school and felt really sick when she had to (having headaches and stomachaches). Her grades were really poor now.

2. After reading the story, give each group the story (on paper) with questions and ask them to answer these questions.

* how did the girl feel?
* why did the boy call her ‘fat weirdo’?
* what could the girl do in this situation to feel better?
* what can happen next in this story?
* who could help the girl? How?
* why all the boys and girls weren’t brave enough to help Anna?
To sum up, ask your students to finish the sentences:

1. People tease other people because ................
2. When I see that people are not nice to someone, I can ...........


Ask your students to create common ‘Class Codex with Rules and Agreements’ which could help to prevent violence.
Remind your students that there are NO BAD IDEAS 

At the end of the lesson present your common codex as ceremoniously as possible.

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