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Dział: Języki obce

Linking words - exercises and transformations

1. We lost the match although we were better.___________________________________________________ (despite)
2. In spite of not having eaten for 24 hours, I didn't feel hungry._______________________________________ (even though)
3. Despite her injured foot, she managed to walk to the village._______________________________________ (although)
4. The football match was played despite the rain.____________________________________________________ (although)
5. Though I was feeling tired I continued working__________________________________________________ (in spite of)
6. I wish I could speak English as well as you do.______________________________________________________ (like)
7. She wasn't very rich. She gave money to the beggar. (although)
8. _____________________________________________________________
9. He left early. He wanted to arrive on time. (so that)
10. _____________________________________________________________
11. You can go out now but you must tell us where you are going. (provided)
12. _____________________________________________________________
13. I don't earn a big salary. But if I did, I wouldn't buy a big house. (even if)
14. _____________________________________________________________
15. Take a pacekd lunch. There might be no restaurant. (in case)
16. _____________________________________________________________
17. There was a lot of noise. He managed to fall asleep anyway. (despite)
18. _____________________________________________________________
19. Susan likes Opera. Tim prefers techno. (whereas)
20. _____________________________________________________________
21. The weather was bad. They enjoyed the trip. (even though)
22. _____________________________________________________________
23. He had the flu. He went to a concert anyway. (in spite of)
24. _____________________________________________________________
25. You have to put the alarm on. If not, it won't work. (unless)

although-even though / despite-in spite of
1. ___________ the weather was bad, we enjoyed our trip.
2. The kids slept well ____________ the noise.
3. ________________ earning a low salary, Linda gave money to her parents.
4. Jim rarely sees Sarah ___________ they live in the same city.__
5. June failed the exam ____________ of working very hard.
6. ____________ it was cold, she didn't put on her sweater.
7. Tom went to work ___________ not feeling very well.


although or as long as though unless despite next to but
1. .............................he is rich and famous, he is not happy.
2. You can borrow my car............................. you bring it back tomorrow.
3. .............................her reputation, she is not that good a writer.
4. To start with I'll have a shrimp cocktail , .............................I'll try the lobster.
5. The match will take place .............................the bad weather conditions.

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